Closed Alpha Learnings 2/3

Closed Alpha Learnings 2/3

Hello Bloodhunt players!

Welcome back to our Closed Alpha learnings article series. This is article 2 of 3 and if you missed the first one, make sure you catch up over here. All right, let’s jump straight to the feedback that we got from you.

Archetype Balance

We got a lot of comments about the archetypes and the various abilities and their balance. Something that really stood out was the amount of feedback that we got concerning the Nosferatu clan. Our telemetry data confirmed that they were very capable of being competitive against the other clans.

Our intention with Bloodhunt is to have exciting archetypes that cater to many different playing styles, but at the same time being balanced against each other.

Getting the balance right will be an ongoing process and is likely to get updates and tweaks as more people learn to play the game and find ways to excel with the archetypes.

Additionally, when a new clan gets introduced, we will need to ensure that all of them have a place in our game and are competitive and unique with their own unique playing style.

We will share more details about the changes that we make to the balance once the game has been released and we have had the chance to warm up with the game update process for Bloodhunt.

Matchmaking times

We understand that some players had long matchmaking times, particularly those within a region that may not have had the highest number of Closed Alpha participants locally. The Closed Alpha had a limited number of slots due to the nature of the test being about getting early feedback and giving us an opportunity to test our systems with real players across the world. As such, we expect the matchmaking times to decrease drastically once there are no limitations on the amounts of players who will be able to play Bloodhunt.

The game is also dependent on the good word of our players, so we would appreciate if you spread the word about the game amongst fellow gamers as a healthy number of players across the world will decrease the wait time for matchmaking.

As a back-up, we will also implement a fail-safe where the game will start to look for games outside of the player’s intended region if a matchmaking session takes too long.

While this is not optimal and may lead to net code issues due to bad latency and in the worst case, even packet loss, we still think it’s better to give you the opportunity to play the game, than not at all.

Our goal with these articles is to be transparent on the development of the game and explain some of the challenges that we face during development and how you could help us improve the game with your feedback.

Let us know if you have any feedback or ideas for other topics that you would like us to cover, and we will investigate to see if it’s something that would be fitting for the future.

You can reach us on our Discord server here:
For feedback about the game, write us a note in the #gameplay-and-feedback channel.

Until next time, see you at dusk!

Jaqub Ajmal
Global Community Manager

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