Welcome Kindred,

We are very honoured to have you in our midst and grateful that you have given Bloodhunt a chance. Before you interact on our Discord Server, please read the following carefully. Members of our server must agree to respect and abide by these rules:


Discord rules

By being on this server, you agree to general rules set by Discord, which you can find here.


Speak the common language in common places

Communication on the main text channels is to be carried out in English but feel free to join our dedicated and supported channels: German, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Russian, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese. If you would like to access them, please assign yourself an appropriate role in the #role-assignment channel. However, please note that the local channels will be in read only mode for now and will start once we have assigned our local moderators. 


Be civil and respectful

We are here to have fun, make new friends and socialise. No one has come here to be insulted, assaulted or abused, in a public or private channel. We have a zero-tolerance policy for these kinds of behaviours, including but not limited to: harassment, doxing, impersonation, racism, sexism, homo- or transphobia, demeaning/derogatory comments, content regarding sexual orientations, political or religious beliefs.

We will issue warnings to first-time offenders. If you transgress a second time, you are out.

And please, do not use creative ways to implement foul language in order to bypass the filters. It is very likely someone will understand you and – by the power of Google Translate and the grace of Urban Dictionaries – we will catch you! 


Moderators and Devs have the keys to the house

Sometimes a Moderator or a Dev will step in to help cool a heated argument, to break up needless bickering, or to do something as simple as asking you to take your discussion to the correct channel or to change an inappropriate nickname. Do not take offence when this happens. It isn’t personal – we’re doing it for the well-being of the whole community. And in these cases, a Moderator is like a Dungeon Master; always right. In other words, there is no point in arguing because it isn’t a fight you are going to win.


Protect yourself – always

Never share your personal information, Bloodhunt related or otherwise. And remember: NO MODS or Sharkmob employees will EVER send you a private message asking for any account details (such as passwords or personal information). So never share that with anyone, whoever they pretend to be. This is for your own safety.


No toxicity allowed

We all have bad days and sometimes we get frustrated, we understand that. But that doesn’t excuse toxic behaviour like spamming, trolling, flooding, posting NSFW or illegal content nor discussing such material. Also, please refrain from discussing religious or political topics of any kind. You know this never ends well. 


No advertising, self-promotion, selling items or services

Posts about selling items or services – real or digital – are prohibited.

Self-promotion and advertisements are not allowed.


Just be nice!

Nobody likes to receive grief after a game. So please no teasing or comments aimed at tilting your fellow Kindred. Be a nice person!


Send complaints and bug reports through the proper channels

If you suspect someone of cheating, do not use the chat to accuse them. Please report it using the following link. Also, remember that you can use the “Report a Player” button at the end of your game session on the summary screen.

If you have an in-game issue, please use the ticket bot to create a ticket. Mods cannot help you on this specific topic. But please do contact them if your issue is related to our Discord channel or if you see someone breaking our Code of Conduct. We are all in this together!

If you have been banned and think that we were way too harsh on you, send us a Ban Appeal through our Ticket system. We will review your case in due time (this might take some time depending on how busy we are).


A word on banishment

If you are found breaking our Code of Conduct, the following will happen:

First strike – You will be warned by a Mod or a Dev. Please take it seriously.

Second strike – You will be banned from our Discord.

Don’t worry about a third strike, because there won’t be one. Feeling safe and protected from abuse is of the utmost importance for us and we are adamant about keeping our Discord server a welcoming place for everybody. We prefer to spend our time focused on constructive interactions with our Community rather than managing toxic individuals.



We know that most of you will think: “Well, this is common sense” and you are right. Just treat others the way you would like to be treated and everything will be fine. Also, please be aware that the list of negative behaviours mentioned above is by no mean exhaustive and we reserve the right to revoke your access to the Discord server and potentially to our game if we feel there is cause for it. The bottom line is that we are here to have fun together: keep the fighting on the streets of Prague and spend your time being social and civil on Discord.

Thank you for reading this far! Once you’ve read this, confirm by placing a green check and enjoy your time on our Server. Have fun and see you in Bloodhunt!