Prague is the capital city of the Czech Republic, home to mortals and vampires alike. Now that the city is in lockdown, it’s a bit less bustling than usual. But still, no matter where you choose to go or where you feel at home, we really do want to encourage you to explore the city. Daring to go out of your way can help you find items that will save your life. Here are some of the locations worth a visit in Prague.

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Survive the night

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Art Gallery

Located in the upper part of the city, the Art Gallery is a popular location, especially among Toreador Kindred. This comes as no surprise, as the walls are covered in beautiful artwork. However beautiful it may be, though, you should also consider the practicality of this building. It’s perfect for practising your traversal skills.


The Nosferatu prefer this location to many of the more glamorous spots the city has to offer. Perhaps it’s not so surprising – members of their clan are often called things like “rats” and “crawlers”. For those of us Kindred who aren’t Nosferatu, the Graveyard is mainly appreciated for its central location, and tombstones provide for small yet excellent shields during a heated fight.

Burning Church

If you travel south in Prague, this flaming beacon will probably catch your eye. The church hasn’t always been on fire though – that is a consequence of the current conflict. If you’re ever in the area, it’s worth checking inside the broken roof…


This area, frequented by the Anarch Brujah, is not far from the city centre. Here, you’ll find opportunities for everything from climbing, running, sliding, to unleashing your traversal skills. And when it comes to climbing – there are some high points from which you can enjoy the view or keep track of your enemies.


Feel like taking on the Entity hunters? Or prefer an indoor setting for your battles? The Rudolfinum, which can be found to the left on your map, is the place to be. It used to be a communal haven for Toreador vampires, as well as a place for high culture. These days, however, it’s just as much of a place for battle and bloodshed as the rest of Prague. If you spend some time looking around, you might find ways to get into the hidden places of the building.

Divine Disco

This used to be a (perhaps not so holy) church under the control of a local Brujah, that was turned into a nightclub hotspot when the Iron Curtain fell. Not only does the interior design alone make it worth a visit, but it also makes for an excellent combat arena. Due to its central location, there’s always somewhere to go to pick up gear or outrun an enemy. Perhaps also stop for a dance or two – the soundtrack, played day and night without end, is heavenly!

Abandoned Mall

When the plans were originally drawn up, the intention was to create a magnificent mall for Prague’s elite. However, those plans never came to fruition and the building was abandoned, leaving an ugly scar in the Old Town. But however ugly it may be, it makes for a large multi-level combat arena that skilled fighters can use to their advantage, flanking their foes.


A successful entrepreneur in Prague built this Helipad to celebrate his first billion dollars. He took advantage of the recent fall of the Iron Curtain and made some big investments that paid off. Why a Helipad, rather than some luxurious mansion? He was also a pilot, wanting to make his impression on the Prague skyline. In his quest to do so, he happened to create an ideal vantage point that’s a sniper’s dream. The area is also home to lots of different vans, meaning items available for pick-up for those in need.


The actual crown of the Crown Hotel, the Skybar is the perfect location for the Ventrue in Prague – from here, they can look down on almost anyone. And just in case a fight breaks out in the Skybar, you’ll have both a height advantage and a few options for cover.

University Garden

A garden built near the university long ago, with the primary purpose of furthering study and research concerning the plants here. These nights, however, since the attack, the multiple levels of this area allow those skilled at traversal to get the upper hand, should they encounter any enemies here.

Memorial Park

A sanctuary of sorts, initiated by a former president and key figure in gaining independence for the Czechoslovak Republic when the first World War ended. Although it’s not so calm right now, the angular nature of the park provides several options for cover, should you get caught in crossfire. It also happens to be an area perfect for practising traversal.

Rooftop Restaurant

If you’re searching for the most authentic Bohemian fine dining in Prague, look no further! This place is well known for its genuine atmosphere, but also for the strange rumours circulating about the head chef... The thieves of Prague don’t care much about either of those things – they’re just interested in picking up the loot stashed in the pavilions that offer protection from the surrounding rooftops.

Prince’s Haven

As this is close to the Entity checkpoint by Old Town Square, it offers an advantageous position from which to attack the Entity. But up until the Entity rushed into Prague, this was the haven of Prince Markus and had been so since the mid-20th century. He planned and held the Second Convention of Prague here, which led to the Entity attack and the Camarilla-Anarch war that you’re in the middle of.


Maia acquired her terrace during Soviet rule and has turned it into a haven for liberal thinkers. Its location in the Red Light District is thus intentional, as it keeps more conservative-minded people away. Plus, it’s easy to defend and there’s great loot to be found.


Most of the mortals living in Prague think this is solely for animals, but the Kindred know better. The Slaughterhouse is a hub for blood trafficking in Prague as well as the rest of Europe. Should you happen to get into a bloody fight with the blood traffickers here, at least you’ll have plenty of good tactical options here. Engage your foes in close combat on the ground floor or stick to the upper levels getting the height advantage – it’s up to you.


Many mortals steer away from this water-filled neighbourhood, as it’s one of the rougher parts of the tourist area. Although there have been plenty of questions as to why it has been left in its current state and not been spruced up like the surrounding locations, these questions have gone unanswered. So while you’re here, pay attention to where you step. There are predators both above and under the surface...

Shopping Arcade

Unlike the Abandoned Mall, this building has been able to keep its flair over the decades. This fancy arcade is not only perfect for shopping if you’re a mortal, but also lends itself well to Kindred who want to master their wall jumping abilities. If you’re the type to track down your enemies, the glass roof of this mall also comes in handy.

Car Park

This was intended to house cars of various luxury brands when Prague’s elite came to the neighbouring mall. As it is, it’s mainly home to construction vehicles and the occasional homeless person who needs temporary shelter from the elements.
All kinds of fighters thrive here. There’s no excuse for getting caught in the open here and there are plenty places to hide. Watch out for the homeless though, or they’ll give away your position.


A tall landmark close to the Railway Station, allowing anyone at the top to get the upper hand on enemies running on the streets below. As ugly as it may be, it serves its purpose well. This is the key communications point for all of Prague, meaning it’s a treasure trove for anyone technical enough to tap into it.


The Library used to be a favourite hangout for several knowledge-minded Kindred, not only because of the books but also the many places you can run and hide in over the three levels. Since the Entity raided this place, it has now been evacuated. Many Nosferatus worked hard to save as much data as possible, both from books and their hacking stations. If you are brave enough to venture here, come prepared as mortals only come here during the daytime opening hours. Oh, and the rooftop isn’t the only way in...

Railway Station

When the Railway Station was renovated, then Prince-to-be Markus was very involved in making the plans, especially for the lower levels. That doesn’t have to mean anything special, but knowing the Ventrue, it probably does. For those good with a scope, this is the place to be! As it’s the most open area in Prague, you can get a great view – just be careful, as someone might look back. Keep an eye out for anyone like that, as mortals tend to stay away from this area at night.

Recently, a train rolled in to the station. It doesn’t seem to have been a peaceful arrival...

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