Closed Alpha Learnings 1/3

Closed Alpha Learnings 1/3

Hello Bloodhunt players!

Now things have settled down, we’ve had the time to go through the vast amount of feedback and telemetry data that we received and collected throughout our Bloodhunt Closed Alpha test.

We are thrilled to see so much positive feedback, and we are very excited to welcome you back to the streets of Prague in the future.

What we want to address in this series of articles are some things which you might be concerned about and what our plans are moving forward. We hope it can give you an understanding of our focus.

This article is the first of a 3-part series.


Playing with friends

The most requested feature by far is the ability to play Bloodhunt with your friends.

This is a feature we always planned for Bloodhunt, but the focus of the Closed Alpha was mainly to stress test our servers and get some initial feedback. For this reason, we decided not to enable the play with friends feature as it was not critical for the test and not yet where we want it to be from a quality perspective.

We’re hard at work with finishing this feature and having it ready for the release of the game. You will be able to invite your friends into the Elysium which you are in, and then group up with them from there. 

However, you will not be able to use this in Solo mode, not even when you want to play against friends. The reason for this is because it could be exploited by people teaming up against other players in solo mode which goes against the spirit of fair play and the rules of the game. Needless to say, getting caught teaming up in solo will lead to a permanent ban from the game as we do not tolerate cheating.


Various minor issues with traversal

Traversal is an integral part of Bloodhunt, and our intention is for you to have a great flow when it comes to the running, jumping and climbing aspects of the game.

During the Closed Alpha, a few players mentioned that they would sometimes get stuck on certain objects, or were unable to climb on top of specific objects or locations. We looked at many of the cases that you reported on our Discord and we will be working on improving this further to fix any issues which may appear on the map. This will be an ongoing effort after we release the game and keep improving the quality of the map. 

If you experience any of these issues, please keep sending us details on Discord with a video showing the location where it happens, and we will do our best to keep improving the game in this aspect.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed the first article in this series. Our goal is to be transparent on the game’s development, explain some of the challenges that we face and how you could help us improve the game.

Let us know if you have any feedback or ideas for other topics that you would like us to cover, and we will investigate to see if it is something that would be fitting for the future.

You can reach us on our Discord server here:
For feedback about the game, write us a note in the #gameplay-and-feedback channel.

Until next time, see you at dusk!

Jaqub Ajmal
Global Community Manager 

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