Ranked Mode and Bloodhunt Mode

Ranked Mode and Bloodhunt Mode

Hello Bloodhunt Community!

During Early Access, we received a lot of positive feedback. One of the things we heard from you repeatedly was that Bloodhunt is a game that is easy to get into but difficult to master, which is exactly what we had in mind when we designed the game. However, this brings a challenge.

After Bloodhunt has been available for a bit of time, the active community would easily be able to outclass any new player who is trying to learn how to use the various powers, weapons and move sets in combination.

We don’t want to compromise on the high stakes and high skill ceiling, but we need to find a way to ensure that the game is welcoming to new players in order to guarantee that we always have a healthy number of players for quick matchmaking times.

This has led us to implement the following two game modes:

Ranked mode

This is the classic Bloodhunt experience that you know and love from Early Access, with the addition of a ranked matchmaking system. You have one life and get to face people of the same skill level, fighting for dominance on the Bloodhunt leader boards and ultimately facing the best Bloodhunt players in the world.

This mode will be available fairly soon after the release of Bloodhunt, and our plan is that players will need to be at least around level 10 to unlock it. This is to prevent cheaters from gaining access as much as possible. 

Players can earn Ranked Points (RP) by defeating enemies and placing high in a match. You will then be matched with other players with a similar RP (RP-based matchmaking). No match variations are present in this mode.

Ranked mode also features various ranks, which you will be able to show off in your Rank icon next to your avatar.

Here are some details on how Ranked Mode works:


Ranked Points Gain

Your rank is dependent on your Ranked Points (RP). You will be rewarded with points for kills as well as placement in a match. We decided to put more weight on the eliminations, to encourage having a kill-oriented style and make the ranked mode entertaining to both play and watch. Achieving a top placing will still give you a good chunk of RP.


Ranked Points Gain

Player Elimination












RP Earned











If you place second and kill 5 players, you will gain 50 RP from your placement and 5x20 RP from your kills, resulting in a total of 150 RP.

Match Fee

Entering a ranked match will cost you a fixed amount of RP. How much it costs depends on your rank. 

The first rank is, of course, free, so that you can start playing Ranked Mode as soon as it starts in the season. 

As you progress, the stakes get higher and more consistent winning with a higher average kill count is required to climb the ranks and reach the top.

We value the time and effort that you as a player put into Bloodhunt, so once you reach a new rank you get to stay in that rank. You can never lose a rank within a season in Bloodhunt, and the challenge itself is to be able to climb to the top of the ranking which takes an incredible amount of skill and dedication at the highest level.

Rank Thresholds 

There are six ranks to climb as you accumulate the required number of ranked points (RP). Your RP score and rank will be reset completely between the seasons, offering a fresh start and a new race to the top ranks.









RP Needed







Match Fee








Bloodhunt mode

This is a new mode that caters to newcomers to Bloodhunt as well as existing players that are mostly playing the game for fun. This mode features comeback mechanics to give players another chance without having to load into a new server if they’re eliminated straight away. After being killed, you will respawn at a random location near your point of death with a blue AK and a Spiked Bat in your inventory to ensure that you have a chance to survive and defend yourself.

Respawned players will also be invincible for a short duration while they find their bearings again. During this short period, players will be able to both move and jump around to get the best position if there is someone nearby. Players will also be able to regain their used extra lives by feeding on specific potent mortals.

This mode will also feature different match variations to keep it fun and interesting.

With extra lives, we think that this mode is not only more friendly to new players trying to get a hang of the various abilities and weapons, but it also makes for a more fast-paced and action-packed experience as people are willing to take more risks and go all out regardless of the skill level.

We hope you found this article helpful and now have some insight on our thought process when it came to designing this particular aspect of the game, as we hope that it will increase the popularity of Bloodhunt over time.

Until next time, see you at dusk!

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