Improvements to gamepad support in Bloodhunt

Improvements to gamepad support in Bloodhunt

Hello Bloodhunt Community!


These past weeks, we have been talking about the changes we have done to the game based on the feedback gathered from all of you during Early Access. Today, we're explaining the gamepad compatibility improvements in the PC version of Bloodhunt.


We want to ensure that both gamepad and keyboard-mouse are equally fun and smooth experiences. To achieve this, we’ve introduced changes to the interface, settings, and gameplay.


Aim Assist

As Bloodhunt is a fast-paced third-person shooter, we have implemented an assist system based on aim slowdown and aim rotation assist. These have the goal of improving the experience when playing from a controller without offering an unfair advantage.


Here is how aim slowdown works in Bloodhunt: when your crosshair is moving and approaches an enemy, there is a slowdown that will help you to fine tune your shot with less chance of oversteering past them. This will be helpful in situations with distant targets.


As for aim rotation assist, this will apply only when you are moving. When you are strafing or moving sideways, your character will rotate to help the crosshair stay in the vicinity of the target. This will also happen when you are jumping/falling, as rotation assist also applies vertically.


Bloodhunt moves at a much higher speed than most other games in this genre, so we hope that this will help gamepad players experience the intense moments of pulling fast-stringed ability and agility-based combination kills. We’ve also added some tweaks to these assists to avoid hindering your options when in close-quarter combat.


When we decided on these initial values of these settings our intention was to start with a minimalistic approach and then keep tuning it upwards instead of having to nerf it. We think that going in this direction will help us to find a good balance between the input methods and will keep a very close eye to determine how they should further be tweaked to find a great balance.



Flexibility on Controller Settings

We’ve added the possibility to adjust the vertical and horizontal sensitivity parameters independently on the three different aim modes (Look, ADS, and Scope). This means that you will have 6 different sensitivity parameters for your controller that you can freely adjust to your taste.

Additionally, it is now possible to edit the main key binds of the controller in the key bindings-menu of the PC version.

Inventory and consumable wheel

When it comes to the navigation of the menus, we took your feedback on the experience with the inventory and consumable wheel while using a gamepad. We have introduced shortcuts to make it easier to drop, swap, and use the items in the inventory. The consumable wheel has also been reworked to be much faster as well as more reactive.


Plug in your controller and try out the new changes during our Playtest this weekend!


Until next time, see you at dusk!


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