The Bloodhunt Community Newsletter #4

The Bloodhunt Community Newsletter #4

Greetings Bloodhunt community, and Happy Halloween!

As the spooky season falls upon us, the full moon rises, and a chilling wind sweeps through the graveyard of Prague. Welcome to our Halloween special newsletter, your cave of surprises.

October unfurls its wicked charm, and so does Bloodhunt, casting a Halloween spell on us all. As the clock ticks towards All Hallows' Eve, prepare for a haunting gaming experience, with spine-tingling seasonal vanity for the in-game store, some nerve-wracking tournaments, and blood-curdling community events (like the community-run one that takes place on Friday the 13th! More info on that later in this newsletter).

The night is young, and so the Bloodhunt begins. Let’s dig into the Halloween-themed vanity from a past Battle Pass coming to the in-game store!

Halloween-themed in-game store update

Delve into the supernatural spirit with our spooktacular Halloween additions to the in-game store on October 23rd! Shroud your identity with macabre masks, scary tattoos, and hauntingly beautiful outfits.

Here is our list of the additions:

2 outfits: Vagabond, Headshot

1 hair: Y2K Tails

2 makeups: Inkblot, Harbinger

2 masks: Ignis Fatuus, Stingy Jack

1 piercing: Uukhai (gold)

4 tattoos: Mors Omnibus, Bare Bones, Glow Up Skeleton (Purple & Yellow variants)

Each item is bewitchingly designed to immerse you into the heart-stopping dread and eerie excitement Halloween procures. Drape your gaming experience in the festive fervor of Halloween – it’s time to welcome your avatar to the scare side!

Gold Rarity Crossbow

This Halloween, prepare yourself for a bit of fright and a whole lot of fun in the heart of Prague with the supernaturally splendid Gold Rarity Crossbow. Launching as an eerie edition in the Timed Content Releases, this choice of weaponry goes above and beyond not just for its impressive looks, but with its larger gassy explosion that your enemies will rue to remember.

Exuding Halloween spirit from every bolt, this gold-embellished crossbow injects a dose of spook and fumes into your Bloodhunt journey. Its crowning glory? The larger-than-life toxic gas cloud that explodes upon impact, forming what we laughingly refer to as 'a witch's dramatic exit'. Just when you thought Halloween couldn't get any battier! So, go on, give your havoc-wreaking a sinister twist with this charmingly chic crossbow that politely whispers "Trick or Treat" before rumbling into a familiar, but large-sized poof!

The crossbow becomes available for voting on October 16, and then first spawns on Monday, the 23rd.

Halloween-themed events

We hope you haven’t missed out on the recent Halloween-themed events, like the Bloodhunt Murder Mystery, featuring Omnis, asking for your assistance with finding out who is behind the death of one of his assistant ghouls. For more details, check out the announcement here. You have a chance to win some nice Bloodhunt merch, so do not miss out!

On top of that, during the first weekend of October, there was a PS5 tournament where the winners won some highly desired in-game masks by competing in a kill race.

Additionally, there is a “Bloodhunt the 13th” competition on the official Bloodhunt Discord, run by Khalior and Starpuck that starts already today. To participate you need to read the instructions and sign up here.

Also, do not miss out on the fifth edition of the FUNament, on October 21st! The open tournament-for-fun-series with in-game merchandise as prizes, open for everyone regardless of skill-level! As always, details on this as well as the form on how to join up are posted on the official Bloodhunt Discord.

Don’t forget to keep an eye out on the #community-events channel there as well for all the other activities available to satiate your desire for competition!

And with that, we once again wish you all a Happy Halloween!

Until next time, see you at dusk!


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