Player Reporting Improvements

Player Reporting Improvements

Hello Bloodhunt Community!


As you already know, we’ve taken your feedback on board and implemented Easy Anti-Cheat into Bloodhunt. Today, we want to talk more about what we have done to improve the way we combat hacking and cheating in Bloodhunt. Let’s take a look at our brand new in-game reporting system and the potential positive impact it will have on keeping Bloodhunt a safe and fair place for our players.


In-Game Reporting and How We Handle Player Reports


From now on, you have the option to report someone who is violating our code of conduct directly in the game. This is what it looks like:

This will be very helpful for us, in particular when it comes to reporting the most obvious cheaters or hackers as we can identify those users easily and ban them.


If you stumble across a cheater who is perhaps not quite so obvious, we still recommend that you record a video and explain in detail why you think they are cheating, as we will have to look more closely at those cases.


In addition, if you encounter cases of harassment or abuse in the game, or you find someone selling cheats related to Bloodhunt, you can send the evidence to us using our Report a Player form; we will review the case and take the appropriate actions when possible.

On top of that, we are thrilled to announce that we have assigned extra staff to focus on matters directly related to player reporting and we now have a dedicated Anti-Cheat Team that will monitor game activity, player reports, and appeals 24/7.


When you report someone in-game, it will automatically create an event that will be reviewed by our Anti-Cheat Team. With our new tools and dedicated team, we expect to make a huge impact on the rate of investigations that we are able to complete which will increase the amount of times that we can unleash the ban-katana.


If you think you have been wrongfully banned, you can appeal this through our Contact Form and we will re-review the case. Once we get closer to launch, our support site will contain a guide on things to keep in mind before and after appealing a ban. We have a serious commitment against cheating in all its forms, so we will never approve one-time exceptions for those whose bans have been confirmed. This also includes teaming. Unless there is proof of an incorrect ban, there is no second chance when it comes to hacking and cheating. Proven bans are permanent.


We also want to stress that any kind of abuse of the reporting tool or sending a large amount of false reports can lead to a shadow ban within the system and, in the worst case, even an account termination. For this reason, we kindly ask everyone to use the reporting system only when appropriate.


How You Can Contribute

Use the in-game reporting tool for the most obvious cheaters. If you run across a less blatant cheat, please use our customer support portal and make sure you add a detailed explanation of why you think they are cheating and provide a video if possible.


Whenever you report someone, either through our website or via the in-game tool, it will trigger an individual investigation.


When it comes to handing out automatic bans, it can take some time to identify the hacking software that is used, as the anti-cheat is detecting and learning how new hacking methods are designed. In those cases where the automatic ban system is yet able to hand out an automatic ban, we will hand out manual bans when possible. It’s in cases like this where videos really help.


Thank You!

Lastly, we want to thank each and every one of you for your tremendous support and contribution. We are working very hard to improve Bloodhunt in this particular area, and we hope that you will notice this when playing the game in the future.


Our previous anti-cheat system caught and banned 3,846 cheaters. On top of that, we individually investigated 8,264 players who were manually reported. This resulted in 1,798 additional bans, adding up to a total of 5,644 banned cheaters.


Considering that this was only during Early Access and we did not have the tools that we have now, the number of banned players is quite significant, and it shows that we had good measures in place to catch cheaters. However, based on the feedback we received, more needed to be done to keep the game fair. We are sharing these numbers with you because we want to be transparent with you about the amount of work that went into banning players.

We will be keeping a very close eye on this topic when we launch the game and aim to work as closely as we can with you – our fantastic Bloodhunt community – to do our utmost to keep Bloodhunt as clean as possible from cheaters.


Until next time, see you at dusk!

The Sharkmob Team

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