Bloodhunt – Early Access – Act 2 Learnings

Bloodhunt – Early Access – Act 2 Learnings

Hello Bloodhunt Community!

Thank you for taking the time to take part in our latest community survey! As always, here are the leanings from them.

Optimizations and performance

This is clearly the most requested improvement. As you know, we have started our PTE program to speed up the investigation process. If you have issues and would like to help us out on the PTE program, you can simply join our discord server at and write “!PTE” in the general chat. This will give you the correct role and channel access.

 So far, we have asked the PTE players to fill in a detailed survey of their hardware, as well as a description of how the performance issues affect them.

We have now gone through all the surveys and identified a few things that seem suspicious. We will of course investigate these further.

Here are the hottest leads that we have so far:

  • Further optimizations needed in our menu system, as we have identified a few possible culprits that we want to investigate
  • An optimization issue with some of the abilities in the game

We have also identified an issue with our DX12 shader optimization process, where it doesn’t complete all the expected processes. There is a way to force the process and you can read more about it here:

We are working on solving the issue itself with a future update.

We are currently planning the next phase of the PTE. In this, we will focus on very specific issues related to performance and will have unique build with more debugging and logging capabilities. Expect more information about this in the near future.

Optimizing the game remains a high priority for us and is something that we will continue to work on throughout the development of Bloodhunt.

New content – Cosmetics, Archetypes and modes

We are happy to hear that our players want more content for Bloodhunt! And just as a small note for some of our new players, we have already announced the next clan that will be added into Bloodhunt: Ventrue. 

We also did a poll for our community where we asked you if you would be OK if we added Duo for a limited timeframe, in which case it would temporarily replace Trios.

It's time to present the results!

As you can see there is overwhelming support for trying out Duos! As we of course love Trios as well, we are planning on running Duos as a temporary weekend event to see how you like it and if it would enable us to attract more players. As you may already know, the number of players needed to have fast matchmaking across several regions requires quite a lot of players wanting to play at the exact same time. We will therefore be keeping a close eye on our concurrent players to find the best possible balance for our matchmaker.

Game balance

We got quite a lot of comments that you are happy with the balance after the release of Act 2, but we can also see differing opinions about classes and weapons. We think it might be a little too early to draw any conclusions on what the next balance change should be, as everyone simply needs a bit of time to try out all the various new metas. We also need more telemetry data to assess the balance.

But with a game like Bloodhunt, we will always keep adjusting and balancing, especially since our game is based on powers and abilities, and we will need to make sure that any new clan that we add has a proper place in our game. We will need to adjust things to make it a fun and balanced game, yet a unique experience no matter what clan and archetype you play as.

Thank you so much for reading.

Until next time – see you at dusk!


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