Rotating modes in Bloodhunt

Rotating modes in Bloodhunt

Hello Bloodhunt Community! 

Thank you so much for filling in our June Community survey. 

We are currently hard at work counting all the votes and analysing the data, and so far from what we can see most of the data points to discussions that are being passionately mentioned throughout the community on social media which means that we are on the right track. 

We will share more details of our findings in an upcoming article. However, this article is about what we want to do to improve the game in the short term for our players. 

First, we know that each mode in Bloodhunt has its own hardcore fan base, but the player numbers are currently not large enough to support all of them at once. 

So, we will be running certain modes for a limited time during weekdays and others during the weekends. 

We think that this will improve the matchmaking times while, at the same time, creating new opportunities for players to come back to play a different mode. Our hope here is that focused game modes will drive more interest, even if it is during a limited time frame. 

We know that this is not optimal, and this is a temporary solution until we can get the game back into the state that it needs to be, and we can grow our player base. 

Here are our current plans for this week 

14 June – An initial test to see if we can improve the overall matchmaking times by removing Trios 

15 June – Trios come back, we had initially planned to have it offline until the weekend but we can see that many of you want to practice for the upcoming BoomTV tournament and, of course, we want to support that. For more details please check the BoomTV Twitter page: 

17 June – For the weekend, we’re bringing back Ranked Solos where crossplay is turned off by default!  

Solo Bloodhunt mode will get disabled during the weekend, Trios and Duos will remain as is. 

We are running Solo Ranked with crossplay off by default as a test to see how popular it is on PS5, so please make sure you play during this weekend as we might use this data to decide if we should run Bloodhunt with crossplay off by default in the future for certain modes! 

We understand that these are small changes compared to what you are asking for, but it’s what we can work with while we are working on our larger updates.  

We appreciate your feedback and your input is, and always will be, a vital component to our decision strategy for the future of Bloodhunt. 

Tell us what you think about this approach, and what you would like to see in the coming weeks 

Until next time, see you at dusk! 


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