Early Access, Act 2

Early Access, Act 2

Omnis, the enigmatic Nosferatu Primogen, has made it safely to the Elysium. With him at our side, our ability to fathom the magnitude of our situation will increase.

But even more importantly, Omnis brings great news about our Prince! His investigation shows that Prince Markus fought his way to safety and is now somewhere in the Old Town, in an unknown secure location, I assume.

From what I understand, a Duskborn assisted Omnis in the investigations. I am quite interested in learning more about this investigator and the details of what he uncovered, even though his Blood is thin.

In Elysium, we are slowly beginning to settle in. Maia and Kirill are still arguing about the usage of Prince Carlak’s old hall. Omnis and other Nosferatu have begun to install their equipment down in the basement, from what I have heard. I say heard, because although I am the Keeper, an old agreement prevents me from entering their domain uninvited.

In Prague, the Entity forces are still on the move, but at least this means that the Rudolfinum is now accessible for us. However, after the rumours I have heard, I dread what will meet our eyes once we set foot in this old Toreador communal haven.

All this disarray just made me think of the old poem, Gallows Hill. To me, it is about keeping calm, letting things take their time, and not acting erratically. I wonder if Kirill, Maia, and Omnis still remember it. The situation demands it.

– Custos’ personal journal


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