Bloodhunt joins the Steam Early Access Program

Bloodhunt joins the Steam Early Access Program

Hello Kindred,

We are very excited for Bloodhunt to join the Steam Early Access program!

Since the Closed Alpha ended, we have heard from many of you saying you can’t wait to play Bloodhunt again. We are both humbled and happy to hear that there is so much interest in our game.

We think the inclusion of the game in the Early Access program will not only enable us to get you all back to Prague quickly, but it will also help us speed up the progress of the game’s development, as we will be able to get a greater amount of reliable play data from our community. We hope that you’ll find the game to be a very enjoyable experience as well!

Bloodhunt in Early Access is free-to-play with no set limitations on server capacity. This means that those of you who wish to join will be able to do so long as we have the server capacity to support this.

While we will always do our best to be prepared, please be aware that server outages may happen, especially if the game attracts more players than we anticipated. We will also do our best to plan any server maintenance in advance. However, if emergency maintenance is required, we may need to take down the service at short notice. We kindly ask for your patience, so keep checking or our website for updates and the latest news about Bloodhunt.

There are also several features that are either missing or not yet up to our high quality standards. A couple of things, including being able to check your statistics and gamepad support are not quite there yet and an overall additional layer of polish that we hope to apply prior to the game getting its full release.

Although we’re not planning to keep the game in the Early Access program for more than a few months, there is always a risk of unexpected delays that could occur due to various reasons, but our commitment is still to release in 2021. We are, however, aiming to run the servers 24/7.

Bloodhunt is a free-to-play game that is free in the Early Access program and will remain free once the full release is ready.

Our monetization model is to sell cosmetic items and Battle Passes and during Early Access we will be having a Battle Pass available for purchase. Adding this helps us fund the continued development of the game and to offset the server running costs during Early Access.

It also enables us to understand what you like when it comes to the Battle Pass and find a good balance when designing future content to fit the majority of our players’ needs. 

The items you unlock in the Early Access period on your account will seamlessly transfer to the full game.

We also encourage you to make your voice heard when it comes to the development of the game. To this end, we will mainly be using surveys to gather your thoughts, which we will share on our social media channels. You can also visit our Discord at, where you can leave feedback on our feedback channel, and hang out with other Bloodhunt players and developers.

We love receiving constructive feedback from our players, so please do let us know what you think, as we will be eagerly and continuously reading our players’ input.

We will do everything we can to make sure your feedback helps improve the final game.

We will share detailed patch notes for each large update, create an article series covering the feedback we take on board, and explain our logic on these topics.

Thank you for reading and we hope that you are as excited as us about Bloodhunt Early Access!

As always, see you at dusk!

Sharkmob Team

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