Purpose of the Closed Alpha

Purpose of the Closed Alpha

Hello Kindred!

We are super excited to see that so many of you decided to sign-up for our Closed Alpha. We want to take a moment to explain the main purpose of this playtest and what we are hoping to get out of it.

Game Balance
While the development team has been conducting internal playtests daily, we are fully aware that a game like ours may play very differently when many players from all over the world, representing most diverse playstyles, start competing with each other. As such, we will be paying a lot of attention to how you play the game and would love to get your feedback and thoughts about it.

Load Balance and Stress Testing
This Closed Alpha will be the very first time that we get to run all our systems with a lot of users in real life circumstances. 

We want to ensure that the game, once ready, will launch in a great state and offer a smooth experience for our players. This test will really help us in getting a better understanding of how our infrastructure behaves when we have thousands of players connecting to our systems at the same time.

What type of additional feedback are we looking for?
We really want to hear what you think about the game. Please keep in mind though that you will be playing an early Alpha build so there may be visual bugs and other possible performance issues, as the game has not been fully optimised yet. We ask that you not report smaller issues like slightly floaty items or teeny things out of place as we have yet to do final testing of the game and they will likely be picked up then. 

Issue Threads & Bug reporting channels
When it comes to reporting issues related to the Closed Alpha we strongly recommend either using our Bughunt Discord channel which will be made available on discord.gg/Bloodhunt once the Alpha starts. We will also have a dedicated bug thread which will be retweeted by the Bloodhunt Twitter account (twitter.com/Bloodhunt). Feel free to report anything that you find in either of these, and we will make sure that it gets written up into the development bug database.

Customer support
Should you have any problems with getting the game to work on your computer, feel free to reach out to our customer support team over at https://support.sharkmob.com/hc/en-us

Once the Closed Alpha has ended, we will be sharing a survey through our social media accounts, and we hope that you’ll take the time to fill it in as it will help us to better understand what we should focus on when it comes to Bloodhunt and how we can make it into a more enjoyable experience for our players.

Thank you so much for showing an interest in Bloodhunt and we hope to see you in the Closed Alpha.

See you at dusk,

Jaqub Ajmal
Global Community Manager

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