Let’s create a ranked mode! Together!

Let’s create a ranked mode! Together!

Hello Bloodhunt Community!

We hope that you’ve noticed by now that we at Sharkmob are trying our best to keep an ear to the ground about what our player base thinks, and we wanted to take this one step further by inviting you into the design process for a possible ranked mode!

We think that something like a ranked mode is a great place to start for a community-driven initiative like this. Ranked modes cater to dedicated players, so instead of us starting development with assumptions about what you might expect, we wanted to get your input BEFORE we start development.

We think that this approach is not only more transparent but will also let us develop the right features in the right order, as we will have a clear understanding of what the most important aspects of a ranked mode are for our players.

There is, of course, the caveat that we will need to see what kind of level of commitment there is on this to gauge whether it is even worth developing. We will have a better understanding of this once we can see how many of you are showing interest.

Here are the main goals that we have set for a ranked mode in Bloodhunt:

Ranked Play Initiative Goals 

  • Approachable & Fair – We want a ranked system that doesn’t hide its mechanics and rules from players. It should be easy for both newcomers and veterans to grasp how the mode works, and the mode needs to feel fair and balanced.
  • Extendable Platform – We want a ranked system that is easy to extend and mould to our needs and your liking. It has to both support multiple game modes and be flexible enough to still work even with major balance changes or rule revisions. We need to be able to tune those kinds of things over time and across the seasons of Bloodhunt to ensure that the game remains fresh and fun for everyone.
  • Seasonal support – We want a ranked system that can evolve along with our seasons, so that we can fine tune it to suit the taste of the players that use it. That means we’d like to be able to scrap some ideas from season to season without the risk of invalidating or devaluing existing accolades in the process.

This is the core framework that we are aiming for, but we will keep evolving it with you over time and as we learn what works and what doesn’t.

If this sounds like something that you would be interested in, please join our Bloodhunt Discord over here: discord.gg/Bloodhunt and within the general chat please type !Ranked 

This will give you access to the channel that we will use to communicate regarding this initiative.

Secondly, we would love it if you could take a minute to answer our survey about this topic, so we can get your initial thoughts. You can find the survey over here: https://eu.surveymonkey.com/r/HBJDY6H

Thank you so much for reading. We look forward on starting this journey with you!


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