The Entity

The Entity

Kindred of Prague,

I have heard the term ”Second Inquisition” used to describe recent covert intelligence operations against our kind. While overly dramatic, the phrase correctly describes the danger posed by a hidden network of hunters inside the global intelligence networks like the NSA, DGSE, GRU, and their ilk. During the ’00s, some American princes tried to use these agencies as weapons against their Sabbat and Anarch enemies, painting them as “terrorist threats.” Initially, it worked and our Camarilla triumphed. But soon, mortal analysts armed with surveillance programs and data-tracking tools knew way too much. The worst Masquerade breach in centuries was a fact. Then “The Entity” got involved, and things went from bad to apocalyptic. 

You see, the inquisitors of the Vatican never really forgot about us. When their secret service, known only as “The Entity,” started comparing notes with other agencies in the early 2010s, they got closer to understand what they were dealing with. We all know the result. The Vienna chantry destroyed, Queen Anne and her London court fallen. Just a month ago, right here in Prague, covert operatives almost managed to expose the Tremere Chantry too. The Entity is at our doorstep, and disaster is sure to follow unless we act!

The Entity knows no borders. It operates freely in all Catholic countries, hiding its assets inside both the church and local military and law enforcement. These deployments, both tracked and predicted by Omnis, could mean they are planning something big in my domain. We do not know when and can only speculate on how.

But this time, we are warned. We will not be ambushed. We will not let our plans be threatened by these hunters or by the Anarchs whose carelessness have exposed us to this new threat. Instead, we will use this opportunity to our advantage.

If there ever comes a night where their special forces-posing hunters set foot in my domain, they will not live to see the dawn. We will spot them before their high-tech helmets even have a chance to detect us. We will rip their blend of modern and ancient weapons out of their hands and turn them against their own. We will tear apart their powered exoskeletons and finish them off by tearing out the ones inside.

Our eternal Prague will never fall to the Entity. This is where the Second Inquisition will begin to face a darkness they cannot dispel with fire. Like all twilights, it will end in nightfall!

Prince Markus of Prague
– Open letter to be read in Elysium, two weeks before the Second Convention of Prague

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