Red Gas Explained

Red Gas Explained

This is the word of Prince and Primogen. Kindred of Prague, the rumors surrounding the so-called “Red Gas” are real. This letter is a warning and a call for aid. Memorize this message and destroy it.

Firstly, the Red Gas brings agony and (eventually) final death to the Kindred, almost as surely as the sun itself.

Secondly, due to the Red Gas being harmless to the living, it can be used to herd us, depriving us of our camouflage among the kine.

Thirdly, in the event of an attack against our city, the Red Gas will likely be deployed. This is why we must all know this.

I have collected remaining (unverified) observations and theories here: 

SMELL: Witnesses report a heavy scent of sandalwood and myrrh when close to the Red Gas. Omnis reminds us that myrrh smells of gasoline and burnt rubber. Not an unusual odor in weaponized chemicals.

VOICES: Surrounded by the gas, a majority of afflicted Kindred report hearing voices. The Anarch Kokra’s last words were “…finally, they’re all here. My vessels, my victims…”

PREVIOUS INQUISITION DEPLOYMENT: Witnesses present at the drone strike against our lost Vienna bastion claim: “Red rain and smoke poured out of the ordinance, melting cold flesh from bone.” The substance could have been tested already a decade ago by the church and its allies.

HERDED: The gas is often deployed to drive Kindred into ever smaller areas of the city where teams of covert operatives can ambush them. This implies that the collaborators of the Second Inquisition can control the substance and spread it at will, although the wind and the city itself most likely make its spread unpredictable and asymmetric.

KEENING: Our allies in the Ashirra claim the effects of the Red Gas mirror the terrible “Keening” they experience approaching an ancient holy site in the region. This phenomenon has plagued Ashirra Kindred in the region of all faiths, but Omnis claims that its effects can be mitigated.

This is the limit of our general access information.

I, Markus, Prince of Prague, now call upon your oaths and ask you to report any and all findings or sightings of the Red Gas in gaseous or (possible) liquid form and to describe observed effects and deployment thereof. This vapor is anathema, a threat that unites. Even our Anarch enemies are encouraged to come forward, and we will spare any who bring us actionable intelligence of this new threat to Kindred everywhere.

What mortals don´t understand, they try to destroy. And they will never understand us.

– Decree issued by Prince Markus, 27 nights before the Second Convention of Prague

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