Taking a stroll through the golden streets of Prague is like living in a gothic fairytale. The unique aura, together with its rich culture and history, has made the “City of a Hundred Spires” a popular destination for tourists from all around the world. Wherever there is a significant influx of people, there are Kindred treating themselves to the buffet.

The most ambitious Kindred of Prague spend their nights in Old Town, where Markus, the Prince of Prague, holds court. Around his private hunting grounds lies a magic brew of different areas, ranging from modern high-rise to half-millennium old alleys.

The Toreador of Prague can usually be found wherever there is art in some form, with a communal haven in Rudolfinum and Maia’s private estate in the middle of the Red Light district. Among and below the cemetery’s tombstones, members of Clan Nosferatu have dwelled since the days of Zvi. And Kirill, along with his Brujah hounds, keep an extra eye out for any unfortunate tourist or Kindred who venture into the wrong part of town.

In the suburbs of Prague, the Anarchs have been allowed to form a free zone. But each night, the unbound seem to get more and more arrogant, intruding on the domains of the Camarilla. The neutrality and tolerance, which the Prince has fought so hard to uphold, is being pushed to the limit. How long can Prague remain in peace?

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