Bloodhunt Soundtrack now available for streaming! Pre-order physical version now!

Bloodhunt Soundtrack now available for streaming! Pre-order physical version now!

Hello Bloodhunt Community!

Ever since we launched Bloodhunt in Early Access last year, we’ve been hearing from many of you asking if we would be releasing the soundtrack on your favourite music streaming platforms. Today, we are extremely excited to tell you that, starting right now, the soundtrack of Bloodhunt is available on all major music streaming platforms for your enjoyment.

For all you multi-channel and spatial audio lovers, it’s also worth noting that the soundtrack has been given the Dolby Atmos treatment. Our composer, Atanas Valkov, has recreated the space and positioning of how the music was intended to be experienced including with live orchestra.

Relive your favourite movements in incredible spatial audio like you’ve never heard before, available on selected streaming platforms that have support for Dolby Atmos such as Apple Music and Tidal.

You can find links to the various streaming platforms in the links below:

It is also worth noting that the music is cleared to use for content creation and by streamers, as long as the music is not commercialized on its own. So, feel free to use our spine-chilling music to add a scary vibe to your content or streams.

But wait, that’s not all:

We have prepared something extra special for all of you fans of physical media too, as we are also opening up pre-orders for the soundtrack: not only on vinyl, but also cassette, compact disc and MiniDisc(!).

Each purchase of a physical edition also unlocks a digital album download with access to all the tracks available at a bit rate of 320 kbps in MP3 format.


Now it’s time to take a look at each of the physical editions available for pre-order!


This deluxe double LP has a beautiful gatefold sleeve and the tracks have been individually mastered especially to match the vinyl high-fidelity format and pressed onto heavyweight red and transparent phonograph records with a cloudy blood effect which is sure to please even the most sophisticated vampire. It also includes composer liner notes.


For fans of the beginning of the digital age, the compact disc is housed in a classic digipack featuring stylish artwork and has a clean digital sound sourced from the original 24-bit masters.


Now we’re talking! This 80s blast from the past features a transparent red shell with printed labels featuring stylish artwork. Perfect for listening to Bloodhunt on your Walkman or in your 80s vintage car.


Celebrate the 90s in style with the MiniDisc version! The Minidisc was a late competitor to the Compact Disc offering great sound with the advantage of being highly portable. Of course, we cannot let any MiniDisc enthusiasts down, so we are also releasing the Bloodhunt soundtrack on this format!

The MiniDisc features a transparent look with a stylish printed Bloodhood logo that is sure to impress.

The physical editions are created in very limited quantities and each copy is individually numbered. So make sure you get your pre-order in soon to secure your copy!

Purchase information

Pre-order your uniquely numbered physical copy through Laced Records:

If you wish to know more about the composer and how the score was made, please check our previous article:


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