Imposing Juggernaut

Enforcers dominate the battleground by disrupting the powers of their enemies, forcing them into submission.  

True to their Ventrue nature, the Enforcer strives to control others. Anyone who stands in their way does best to move out of it.  



Combat role



Defensive, Balanced, Unwavering




Dominant, proud, rational

Clan power
Flesh of Marble

Hardens your skin for a short time, turning you fully invulnerable as long as offensive actions are not used.

Passive power
Subjugating Presence

Nearby enemies have their movement speed slowed. The Ventrue is also alerted when the enemy would step into their presence. 

Archetype power
Unyielding Charge

Rush forward dealing moderate damage and silencing enemies for a brief duration. Silenced enemies cannot use vampiric powers while affected. 

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