Blood Resonance

Blood Resonance

You have probably heard mortals remark on how “you are what you eat.” Well, it’s even more true for us Kindred than it is for the kine. The blood we consume is not purely for survival or enjoyment. What we eat enhances our abilities.

Not all blood is the same, you see. Pay more attention the next time you drink. Don’t simply devour it mindlessly. Use your senses. Sip and savour. But most importantly, try to figure out what type of blood your victim has before you strike. The Kindred who can read auras say that the four types have specific colours, so practice using your senses, and maybe you will learn to see them too.

You will realize that those of the Sanguine temperament, detectable through their pink aura, taste very sweet and have a thicker texture. After drinking, you’ll feel invigorated. And it’s not just a feeling – Sanguine blood really does help you recover from injuries more quickly.

If you ask Kirill, he will recommend the Choleric, which have an orange aura. They taste far more metallic than the Sanguine. Be that as it may, Kirill doesn’t appear to care much. He just favours the physical effects – the increased strength and stamina, which is especially good before close combat.

Now the blood of the Phlegmatic, often seen as emitting a light blue aura, I recall as rather salty tasting, but with a bitterness in the background. It calms you and helps you focus, which means you can use your specific Kindred powers more often.

Last, but certainly not least, we have my personal favourite – the Melancholic. You’ll recognize them by their purple aura. This is the most flavourful of all the types, and it has an almost peppery tone. If you’re preparing for the night, remember that this type of blood makes it possible for you to unleash the powers of your clan with shorter intervals.  

Now, the alchemists of old believed that if you took one type of blood and mixed it with another type, this would give you the best effect. This is only partially true. Mixing types does let you experience some effect from each type. However, if you want the full benefits, I would recommend you to settle for one kind of blood and let that improve your abilities in its own specific way. Unless you’re drinking purely for survival, you should care what prey you feed from. Not every Kindred has the privilege to do so… 

– Custos during a lesson with his childe, René

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