Ventrue joins the clans with its Enforcer archetype

Ventrue joins the clans with its Enforcer archetype

We can no longer hope for Prince Markus’s arrival. The evidence is all too clear: he perished in St. Giles church. We are still looking into the details of the attack, but I am suspecting there is something bigger at hand than a coincidence.

In the absence of another leader, Kirill has taken it upon himself to protect his city. This is far from a popular decision, but I cannot see another viable option. Hopefully, his relentless strength is what we need to reinspire the troops.

In his efforts to take back the city, Kirill has mentioned that he is looking for warriors to add to his ranks. I have seen a few promising Kindred in the Elysium and will encourage them to take his side.

We have also managed to gain access to the Library. Omnis should especially appreciate this, as it gives him and other Nosferatu of Prague possibilities to salvage more data after the Entity raid.

Speaking of Omnis, he is beginning to set up his clan space rather nicely, I hear. Him and Kirill now having their rooms quite close to one another does not seem to please either party, but two Kindred bickering about disturbing noises is low on my list of priorities...

As for Maia, she really does work to make this Elysium a home. Kirill doesn’t seem happy with her changes, but I support her reconstructions as I believe it is beneficial for all of us to have a place for socializing.

Furthermore, a few members of the Ventrue clan have finally joined us. One of them has placed himself in front of the door to what used to be Markus’s office, restricting the area from anyone but myself. Not that I move around the Elysium a lot, but it is nice to know that I am not being kept out from this area as well.

The Enforcers, proud and obstinate as they may be, are well needed additions to our cause. Perhaps this is what will turn our luck. One of our n soldiers told me a story about an Enforcer on the battlefield. This Enforcer had rushed forward, positioning themselves in between an Anarch Brujah and one of our own Toreador. Thankfully, they had immediately interrupted the Anarch in his attempt to unleash a devastating blow to our ally. The Enforcer then turned their own skin to marble, making them temporarily invulnerable. They then proceeded to fill the now helpless enemy with bullets and turning him to ash. Hopefully, these magnificent powers instil as much fear in our enemies as it does hope in our kind.

We can only hope that more members from this esteemed clan decide to join us in the struggle to end the war and restore the Masquerade.

- Custos’s personal journal

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