The Community Update Patch Notes

The Community Update Patch Notes

Salutations, Kindred, and welcome to the Community Update patch notes!

This is the final planned patch for Bloodhunt. Read more about that here.

We are thrilled to introduce the new in-game Community Vote mechanic, which is the highlight of this update. It provides you with the opportunity to vote on different golden weapons, TDM maps, and artifacts every week.

The popular vote will become active in-game after a week of voting.

But that is not all, we are also adding a brand-new artifact to the game: the "Hand of Glory". This item will take your gameplay to the next level, making your vampire translucent while carrying it, giving you a deadly edge in the battle against the Anarchs.

For those who love to make a real impact in battle, we are excited to introduce the "Auto-Shotgun" - a new weapon that is sure to shake up the game and turn the tide in your favor.

And let us not forget about the bug fixes and balancing tweaks - ensuring that Bloodhunt runs smoother and better than ever before.

Experience the thrill of the hunt and the rush of combat as you fight for supremacy against your foes. This update is sure to take your game to the next level and keep you coming back for more! Let us dig into the details, starting with the Community Vote.

Community Vote

Once you load into Bloodhunt, you will now have a new option in the Elysium main menu called “Community Vote” which will take you to the screen where you may make your votes on the game’s future rotations.

At the top of this menu, you will see the following sections:

  • Voting - Here is where you vote between the three alternatives: TDM maps, legendary weapons and artifacts. If a new artifact, TDM map, or weapon was added recently it will be on the list of voting alternatives, otherwise, the items on this list will be picked randomly from the available alternatives.
  • Voting Results - In this menu, you will see the results of the previous vote as well as the resulting voting percentage from each category.
  • News - This menu item contains links to external channels of information such as the website and our Discord server. This menu item was previously on the main menu.

The voting system works on a weekly basis, meaning a voting period starts on a Monday and ends on a Sunday (Based on the Central European timezone). After a voting period closes, all the votes are counted and the options with the most votes will then be automatically implemented the following week.

This means that you will always need to have your votes in by the end of the voting timer at the latest, to be able to affect what goes live the following Monday.

You will be reminded of the time remaining for voting on the main voting screen, once it ends, you will not be able to vote until the next period starts.

New Mastery Challenges

We have added new Mastery Challenges, each with its own reward. The idea here is to add some tougher long-term challenges to the game for those of you that have completed everything the game has to offer and are bloodthirsty for more.

Here are the completion requirements:

Skill Challenges:

  • Traverse 5km in one game
  • Traverse 8km in one game
  • Down 10 players with a crowbar in one game

Career Challenges:

  • Deal 50k damage with the starting Pistol
  • Deal 50k damage with the Minigun
  • Deal 50k damage with the Knife
  • Use your Clan power 1,000 times
  • Use your Archetype power 1,000 times

Clan Challenges:

Once completed, these challenges will grant you a special clan-specific outfit. Toreador for example, rewards you with Maia’s outfit.

  • Play 100 games as a Toreador
  • Play 100 games as a Nosferatu
  • Play 100 games as a Brujah
  • Play 100 games as a Ventrue
  • Play 100 games as a Tremere

The tracking for all these challenges will start from zero with this update. Meaning, your past activities will not count as these are new challenges.

Revamped locations in Prague

We have redone or polished a couple of locations in Prague to increase the variety on the map. Here is a video with some before and after screenshots.

New Antique Store in Prague – Auram Antiquities

Auram, the antique dealer has opened a new Antique Store on Staré Město in Prague. This new store of curiosities is much larger than the other stores, with two floors and two exits, and provides another area to explore, fight, and discover precious items to be used in the fight against the Anarchs. Probably much to the dismay of Auram who has left the premises long ago.

Timed content releases

You probably already know from the previous patch notes about the timed content releases that will be added to the Store, but starting with this update we will also be adding a few additional weapons and TDM maps that we have prepared to keep things interesting over the coming months. These will be automatically added to the game at the end of each month.

This month we have a Store update with 23 vanity items being added from the past Battle Passes. Additionally, we will have some new brand vanity given out to everyone that streams Bloodhunt on Twitch, starting on June 2, with more to come in the future! Expect additional giveaways over the coming months as well.

We also added the Auto-Shotgun and the Graveyard TDM map. Let us take some time and go through some details about these additions.

New weapon: Auto-Shotgun

The Auto-Shotgun is a modern, compact, fully automatic weapon with a larger magazine capacity and a higher rate of fire compared to most of its brethren (the Double Barrel is a bit quicker if you quick-tap it), yet still, with a huge damage potential should all the pellets strike the target.

Jumping into the fight with this piece of equipment is a joy, gone are the hassles of having to repeat fire, and with the extended magazine size, you won’t need to desperately reload in the middle of the fight at the worst opportunity. The Auto-Shotgun is the uncrowned king of CQB as you are likely to be pleased with its performance in the fights across the rooftops! Its major weakness is that while it has a higher rate of fire, each pellet deals a bit less damage than the other shotguns, which requires you to be more accurate with your follow-up shots.

New TDM map: Graveyard

Get ready for a macabre dance and prepare for a battle unlike any other where the undead clash in an ironic Team DEATH Match. In this gripping graveyard, there's "no rest for the wicked". Tombstones, walls, and crypts become your only true cover, adding to the chaotic nature of the fight. High vantage points are scarce, forcing you to rely on quick thinking and adaptability.

Feel the rush of adrenaline as you navigate through this arena of the undead among tombstones, decrepit walls, and cobwebbed crypts. Unite with your comrades, rise above the chaos, and claim triumph over the relentless Anarch forces. Join us in this thrilling TDM location, where eerie ambiance and intense action collide.

New Artifact: Hand of Glory

Deep within the shadows of Prague, whispers echoes of the Hand of Glory – an archaic artifact cloaked in an enigma. Its origin eludes scrutiny, yet it resonates with formidable power.

Fashioned as a withered hand, it exudes an eerie aura, tempting those bold enough to pick it up and use it.

Upon carrying the Hand of Glory, its power slowly unfurls, veiling the bearer’s presence from a casual glance. A translucent veneer shrouds them in an ethereal concealment that aids in moving incognito. If stealth is what you wish for, this artifact is what you seek.

Using it however requires caution, as taking acts of aggression or using supernatural powers will dispel the shroud’s effect momentarily. Yet feeding or performing acts of Diablerie still mysteriously sustains the veil, defying its dissolution.


We have seen some need for additional balancing tweaks here and there, including a rebalancing of the Siren, some buffs to a few weapons, and a couple of significant buffs to a couple of perks. Let’s get into it, starting with the Siren.

Siren Rebalance

The Siren’s Blinding Beauty still has a few too many advantages, and we wanted to balance it out without losing its main blinding and silencing features.

We’ve seen feedback on the Siren being strong, so we decided to remove the small slow effect to allow you full use of your movement to avoid the damage when blinded without getting failed slides and such.

Weapon balance changes

The Double Tap has felt a bit weak compared to the other pistols and needed a good improvement. The headshot and overall damage have increased, and the recoil feel should now feel a bit less jarring compared to before.

The Tommy Gun has been the SMG meta for quite some time and has now received a slight reduction in its damage output to bring it better in line with its primary strength, its large magazine size.

The Dual Shotgun has also seen much less use than we’d like since the previous balance changes, so we saw a need for it to become a bit more viable, especially now with the addition of the Auto-Shotgun. As such we have tweaked the Dual Shotguns to deal slightly more damage.

Perk improvements

  • The Nobility Perk now significantly reduces the Bloodhunt duration
  • The Physician Perk now grants a syringe in addition to the blood bag when feeding
  • The Impervious Perk now gives you Red Gas immunity for double the duration compared to before
  • The Creeper Perk now reduces cooldowns faster in addition to increasing movement speed when crouching

Store update

The Store was updated with a plethora of outfits, makeup, piercings and other vanities:


  • Get them!


  • Warmonger


  • Abated Apatite
  • Bruised Brawler
  • Psycho


  • Main Character (Feminine body type, universal)
  • Ulalume (Masculine body type, universal)
  • Stakeout (Both body types, universal)
  • Soft Grunge (Both body types, universal)
  • Cruciator (Masculine body type, universal)
  • Counterpower (Masculine body type, universal)
  • Fashion Predator (Masculine body type, universal)
  • Dropout (Feminine body type, universal)


  • Gold Lining
  • Relax Your Mind
  • Deceased


  • Maze
  • Throatening


  • Night Watcher
  • Shot Caller
  • Live Forever


  • Overlord

Bug fixes and smaller changes

  • The sniper scope now has a higher visibility and less distracting elements, also the ADS speed has been increased
  • The vertical sensitivity for the Mouse input in Elysium and Prague is now the same
  • Resolved a bug where the Store page would not load in Elysium under certain circumstances
  • Resolved an issue where the Store would cause lag and stutters in the Elysium
  • The Skybar (Hotel) TDM map is back after additional polish and tweaking
  • Fixed a bug where a Trio match did not start for a group if the team leader quickly started and then cancelled the matchmaking (and then started it again)
  • Resolved a bug where the wrong default outfit was displayed after coming back from a match in Prague
  • Fixed an issue where the player was unable to close the map and/or the scoreboard in TDM
  • Fixed a bug where the player entered an infinite loading state when loading into the Elysium
  • Sorted a bug in the Tutorial where the second bot repeatedly got teleported back to its original position
  • Fixed an issue in the Armory where the players were able to traverse above the Armory (outside of the map) – the remains of some who got forever stuck there serve as a warning of past issues
  • The estimated queue time was on vacation but has since returned with a nice suntan. (Since it is not a vampire)
  • Quick select on controller is now usable via controller buttons again
  • Resolved an issue where the player couldn’t navigate through the Elysium and in-game menus with the D-pad
  • Fixed a bug where the Hunting Rifle bleeding effect would be ineffective against enemies with certain artifacts
  • The Blood explosion VFX will now display from farther distances
  • Resolved the issue where the player was unable to equip an unlocked perk for an Archetype. if they loaded into Elysium as a different Archetype
  • Bot’s bullets trails will now be attached to their weapons
  • The Flesh of marble VFX will now display properly again
  • The Easter Eggs have hatched, the hatchlings ate the shells and disappeared into the night
  • The infamous old red dots no longer reappear on already viewed items

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