Bloodhunt Halloween Murder Mystery

Bloodhunt Halloween Murder Mystery

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Hello, Kindred of Prague, we bid you welcome to a dark October and a foreboding Halloween.

Omnis once again requests your assistance with the demise of one of our ghouls, codename Y0R1CK. They were doing intelligence gathering through one contact of their own, whom they were on a call with suddenly lost their phone connection.

Ironically, we lost connection with them as well. And we do not know exactly what happened except that they turned up at a morgue in Prague.

So, one of our ghouls is dead, at this stage, we need to focus on where and when (at what time and date) they were likely to have died. They managed to send us some clues of their whereabouts. We have received stills from hacked street surveillance cameras. However, some of these have missing time data, and all of them are missing proper location information. You must deduce this information by sorting the images according to time and place as well as figure out their order which should point you to where Y0R1CK was killed. Each image was sent to us in approximately 2-minute intervals. All the images also have clips of sound from each location, these are attached as well.

Download all the surveillance camera assets here.

Note down your findings, and then please wait for next week when we can try to figure out how Y0R1CK was murdered, using the information that our assets are currently working to procure.

While we have our suspicions of who the guilty party might be considering the current circumstances in the city, we still ask you to be thorough in your investigation. We wish to see which of you have sufficient deductive skills, creative thought, and perceptive capacity to arrive at a plausible solution.

This pursuit for truth will take place over the next three weeks, starting today, as we gather further details. We await the police investigation to be done. At the end of the third week, we will supply a link to a form where you may attach your final report, including whom you believe to be guilty of this murder.

Three winners will be selected at the end, based on their:

  • Perceptive abilities
  • Deductive skills
  • Creative result

The prizes for 1st to 3rd place are:

  • Bloodhunt cap
  • Bloodhunt poster
  • Bloodhunt socks
  • Bloodhunt CD
  • Bloodhunt wood print
  • Bloodhunt pins

Good hunting!


Part two

Welcome to part two of this investigation. During the time since we last spoke, we have received one important tidbit of information, the autopsy report with the coroners' notes.

This week we need to figure out how our friend was murdered, as well as the cause of death. Attached is the confiscated autopsy report with the coroners' notes, providing clues as to what the cause of death may have been.

Please note that once again we need to establish both what likely took place first, and then the following events, as these may be important details in figuring out details about the identity of the murderer(s).

We have an asset working on the internal database for the police, and are hoping to get some form of witness reports from their system. This information should be available for you by next week, which also should help us draw a final conclusion about what happened, and who the culprit was.

Part three


By now you should have at least some strong indications as to where, how, and when the murder took place. Since our last communication, we have received some more data in addition to what was sent before, two witness reports.

We have also received grim reports of multiple casualties in proximity to the scene where the body was discovered, these seem to indicate that there were some indiscriminate actions taken by the guilty party or parties.

We know for certain that Y0R1CK was in an active phone call with a Kine, albeit we do not know whom. What we do know is that they claimed that there was an important discovery to be made.

This information might now be lost, and we can merely speculate at this point what may have been, but perhaps if we know who committed this murder, that may provide a clue.

You will find the two witness interviews attached below, both seemingly from local police officers; also attached here is a form where you can submit your conclusions.

We shall be in touch, should you have managed to supply us with satisfactory answers. Please submit your solution before November 13, 2023.

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