Join us for our first stream dedicated to Bloodhunt, live from Sharkmob’s studio in Sweden. 

Greetings Kindred,  

Our community is growing stronger with every passing night, so we think it is about time to invite you to our Twitch Channel, to learn more about Bloodhunt and the devs behind it.  

On June 29th at 17:00 (CET), we will host a one-hour show to discuss all things Bloodhunt. Learn about Vampire: The Masquerade lore and how it translates into our game, ask your questions to some of the team behind the game and hear how we plan to work together with you, our community, to get Bloodhunt ready for release. The stream will be hosted by Sharkmob’s Communications Manager, Rachelle.  

The stream will include the following segments: 

Let’s Talk about the Lore
Guest: Martin Hultberg - Communications & IP Director  

Let’s Talk about the Game
Guest: David Sirland, Producer 

Let’s Talk about the Closed Alpha
Guests: Jaqub Ajmal, Global Community Manager

We will do our best to answer some of your questions, so jump straight into the conversation and blast those questions away. If we can’t answer them in our first stream, we will save them for the next! 

See you at dusk! 

Samir Arabi-Eter
Live Production Coordinator

Join the hunt

Join the Bloodhunt

Persistent internet connection, Sharkmob, Playstation and Steam accounts are required. Age restrictions apply. Includes in-game purchases.