Halloween comes to Bloodhunt!

Halloween comes to Bloodhunt!

Halloween comes to Bloodhunt!

Don’t miss out on the Bloodhunt Halloween quest which features several free items up for grabs!

You can find the quest line under challenges. It’s available for free to everyone, just like the game itself!

Act fast - this questline is only available for a limited time!

We hope to see you there and leave you with a letter from the keeper of Elysium Custos addressed to you.

Esteemed colleague,

I hope this letter finds you well. 

I have a mystery mission for you, which I believe will bring great rewards to the one able to solve it. I found this old poem tucked away between the pages of an old book of mine:

A father and his sons a story tell
Of greed and treasure waiting to be found
All three of sons were dragged down into hell
So prize can still be dug up from the ground

The curious, courageous one with skill
Who dares to fight the creatures of the night
Can find the treasure of the father’s will
Transform themselves with riches of delight

But every clue comes with a different quest
So make sure you are up for every test

I urge you to come to Prague at once to assist me in solving this! I’m afraid we have little time to act.

Hope to see you soon,

– A letter from Custos

Join the hunt

Join the Bloodhunt

Persistent internet connection, Sharkmob, Playstation and Steam accounts are required. Age restrictions apply. Includes in-game purchases.