Changed policy for cheating & teaming in Bloodhunt

Changed policy for cheating & teaming in Bloodhunt

Hello Bloodhunt Community!


Since Bloodhunt launched we have always had zero tolerance for cheating within our game, and we added a 24/7 anti-cheat team whose role is to solely deal with cheaters and hackers.

Cheating can be accomplished in various ways such as trying to tamper with the game files, using tools to gain an advantage or teaming up with other players in modes that are intended as solo experiences.

While we know that most of our player base is in support of a hard stance on cheating (Yes, we hear you and we know that we need to do even more) we have also heard from some of you that certain forms of cheating should come with warnings before leading to a permanent ban.

As such starting today, we have decided to do some changes our anti-cheat processes which are the following:

  • The definition of teaming is deliberately cooperating and or strategizing with anyone outside the method allowed by the game mechanics. For example:
    • Repeatedly helping another player in solo
    • Repeatedly helping another (or multiple) team(s) in duo or trio battle royale
    • Repeatedly helping the opposing team in TDM.

It includes having any kind of agreement with another or a group of other players to gain an advantage versus players that do not have such agreements.

  • Teaming from the early game to the late game will still be seen as cheating and will still lead to a permanent ban.
  • Not immediately killing each other or spending extra time allowing the opposing party to have more chances in the final 1v1 during solo Bloodhunt is not considered teaming.
  • Using the information available approaching the end of the match to specifically target players other than someone you know (eg. a friend, by name and/or specific outfit) is, and will continue to be considered teaming and constitutes late game teaming, but will now lead to a temporary ban. Each temporary ban will count as a warning, and be progressive (1st warning 1 day, 2nd warning 7 days, 3rd 14 days. After three warnings your account will be permanently suspended.
  • All cases that are a mix between early game teaming, and late game teaming will be punished according to the severity of the interference for the other players.

For additional information on cheating, including information on teaming, please refer to this support article:


With these changes, we have also decided to remove all the previous bans handed out for solo teaming since we launched Bloodhunt back in Early Access.

The total number of bans handed out for Teaming in solo since launch is 386 bans which have now been lifted.

While we will maintain a firm stance towards cheating in our game, we do understand that there are grey areas, and we hope that it now is easier to understand what is not an acceptable behavior in Bloodhunt.

Additionally, we would like to thank all our very vigilant players who are reporting cheaters and sending us video proof which makes it a lot easier for us to take action on cheats that are outside of the realm of hacking.


Thank you for reading and as always, see you at dusk!


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