Bright days in Prague

Bright days in Prague

Editorial update

We understand that sunlight in Prague would be quite silly, and we decided to give you the OPULENT sunscreen for free instead. Feel free to wear it in remembrance of this day.

Enjoy your evening, and April fools!

Redeem here. Valid until April 30.

Dearest Bloodhunt community,

We know that sunlight always was a formidable enemy for vampires. However, in honor of the upcoming spring season, we will be adding a new feature that we think you'll love.

Soon, sunlight will grace Prague with its presence and penetrate the dark skies covering the city, replacing them with its warm and inviting glow.

In the past, this has indeed spelled disaster for members of vampire society.

Rötschreck no more!

This nuisance to members of Kindred society is no more! A fantastic Tremere invention has made it possible for vampires not to worry about avoiding the sun. In fact, they will now be able to bask in its rays and enjoy all the benefits of natural light just like humans do.

Introducing the new sunscreen OPULENT, powered by magic, available in your local Bloodhunt store for the paltry sum of 3,500 tokens.

We hope you enjoy this new feature as much as we do.

Until next time, see you at midday.


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