Bloodhunt is available now for PC & PS5

Bloodhunt is available now for PC & PS5

Hello Bloodhunt Community!

The sun has finally set and Bloodhunt has now fully launched, and we are very excited to welcome you to Prague!

Before you jump in, we wanted to highlight some information that we have shared about Bloodhunt, which you might want to know about.

We released the patch notes for the launch version of Bloodhunt over here:

We also have a known issues list which you can find over here:

Regarding the Bloodhunt Battle Pass which is launching on the 29th of April you can read a few details on it and check out our brand new Battle Pass trailer at this link:

We also shared our Bloodhunt Vision Trailer which we created back in 2017 to establish the style and tone of the game for our development team. 

And finally, our narrative launch trailer

We hope that you will love Bloodhunt and look forward to hear what you think about it!

Until next time, see you at dusk!




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