Tremere Update Patch Notes

Tremere Update Patch Notes

Greetings Kindred, and welcome to the Tremere Update.

With this update, we are introducing several features that will add more things to do in Bloodhunt, including a new Clan and Archetype, an Armory, and more.

We are also adding a free, stacked 100-tier Primus Pass, full of jaw-dropping vanity content, additional TDM locations, a new weapon, a new Artifact, and more.

Our ambitions for this patch were high, and we think you will enjoy it. Let us now finally talk about all the cool stuff that is included in this Tremere Update!

Clan Tremere

If you are a fan of combat and magic, then Clan Tremere is the perfect fit for you. These powerful Warlocks have access to Thaumaturgy, a potent form of Blood Sorcery that allows them to unleash devastating attacks and manipulate reality itself. Tremere are known for their disciplined and organized nature, making them effective strategists on the battlefield. Plus, their knowledge of Blood Sorcery gives them access to unique powers. This clan is an excellent choice for players who want to dominate in combat while still maintaining their supernatural edge. With their magical abilities and combat prowess, Clan Tremere is a force to be reckoned with.

While their arrival was expected by the Primogen of the city, but not the absence of their representative, Quilla, was not and she is currently nowhere to be found – much to the frustration of the new Prince, Em.

Regardless of the absence of the Tremere Primogen, their Scholars are here to aid the battle against the Anarchs.


The Scholar is the epitome of the Tremere, extremely ambitious and determined to the point of perfectionism. The Scholar uses their secret knowledge of Blood Sorcery to damage their enemies and heal their allies. By necessity, the Scholar has become adept in many fields. They can oversee and support their group but also track down and destroy anyone who tries to get away – preferably in a very painful manner.

Their special knowledge of Blood Sorcery allows them to spot a damaged enemy through matter for a short duration of time, and utilize their other powers, like Levitation, which allows them to traverse vertically and strike from unexpected angles with their magic Blood Lance that passes through walls.


The Scholar can levitate up from the ground at will and move through the air. This power has a toggle and upon activation, it begins to drain the levitation resource that is visible on the UI near the character. The Melancholic resonance also increases the recharge speed for this resource.

Blood Lance

The Blood Lance is the offensive power of the Scholar Archetype and is both an attack and a support power. You aim it the same way you would aim a weapon, and fire it in the same way you activate any power. If it strikes an enemy, it will deal damage and heal you at the same time, but if it strikes an ally, it will heal them. This power goes through walls and can thus strike opponents behind them. Enemies that are downed through the finishing blow of this power will instantly explode.

Vital Knowledge

The passive ability of the Scholar Archetype reveals enemies for a brief period of time when they are damaged in any way by the Scholar. This information is also shared with the allies in any team-oriented game mode.

Scholar Archetype Perks

The new Archetype comes with a list of familiar perks that are unlocked as you progress through the Archetype levels. Choose yours wisely for the particular tactics that you want to focus on to get the edge in the fighting.

  • Level 1 – Bandolier
  • Level 3 – Phlegmatic
  • Level 6 – Nobility
  • Level 10 – Melancholic
  • Level 12 – Physician
  • Level 14 – Knight
  • Level 16 – Impervious
  • Level 18 – Survivor
  • Level 20 – Marshal

Find additional details about the Scholar here.

Free Primus Pass

Are you ready for the ultimate in-game vanity experience? Look no further than the free Primus Pass included in the Tremere Update. This Pass comes packed with 100 tiers of exclusive and mystical cosmetics that will take your gameplay to a whole new level.

Highlight your unique style with rare and arcane outfits, tokens, banners, icons, and vanity items that now are only available through this Pass. From the moment you activate your Primus Pass, you will unlock a stream of rewards that make you stand out from the competition and elevate your gameplay experience.

Included in this Pass is the following:

  • 3,300 Tokens
  • 6 female outfits
  • 6 male outfits
  • 10 headgears
  • 13 banners
  • 10 avatars
  • 11 hair colors
  • 4 piercings
  • 4 makeups
  • 3 eyewear

Find additional details about the Primus Pass here.

Intel XeSS improvements

Bloodhunt now supports Intel XeSS technology with third-party GPUs. This means that you can now use this tech to significantly boost your performance and scale the input resolution to further enhance your FPS with intelligent scaling and great image quality.

Armory & Gun Range

Kirill sent a build order and work has been underway to create an Armory with a Gun Range in the Elysium. Going down the elevator from Elysium takes you to the new location where you can find in-game weapons as well as multiple shooting lanes with both stationary and moving targets for you to practice on.

The Gun Range will be accessible to everyone in the Elysium, so you can go there with friends and target practice together while queueing for any game mode. And do not worry, we have disabled friendly fire in the tutorial so you can all practice without risking hurting each other.

New tutorial

To improve our new players’ first impression of the game, we have revamped and improved the old tutorial. The new tutorial is faster but will still teach the basics of the game in an easier-to-understand fashion.

The tutorial gives an overview of the back story of the game, highlighting the reasons for the conflict between the sects in Prague. To make players understand the importance of consuming blood to ensure their vampires’ survival, we are spawning you in a downed state where you must nurture your vampire back into a healthy state and then face a series of basic challenges, so you feel better prepared for the sectarian conflict that occurs in Prague.

New weapon: Double Tap

The Double Tap pistol is a single large pistol sporting two vertical high-caliber barrels with an 8, 10, or 12 magazine capacity depending on which rarity you find. As its namesake suggests, it can fire two bullets in rapid succession, dealing considerable damage when both bullets hit the target.

The Double Tap can be quite a menace in the right hand. Its capacity to deal high damage in intense short-range fights will surprise enemies who rely on melee or wide-area weapons such as shotguns.

New artifact: Noddist Volume

The Tremere brought with them a new Artifact into the rotation in Prague. It is an ominous-looking worn leather-bound book with an imprint of a skull on the cover. The Noddist Volume empowers its carrier with the ability to reduce the cooldowns of Kindred powers as well as the melee weapon abilities. The effect applies after the resonance cooldown reduction.

Imagine finding yourself in an intense battle versus multiple opponents. You recently used both your escape and offensive powers, your bullets are dwindling and it feels like you are about to lose. But you remember you picked up that dark Volume, and suddenly both of your powers are available again, taking the fight back to your enemies who did not suspect a thing.

New TDM maps (Rudolfinium and Railway station)

To boost interest and provide more variety in TDM (Team Deathmatch), we are adding two new maps to the map rotation. This time, we are adding two of your favorite end zones in Prague.


We picked Rudolfinium as our first location. It has indoor and outdoor areas and is spread across multiple height layers including the garage, balconies, and roof. The main building has four entries, so there are many potential angles that can provide great opportunities for fast-paced and fun action.

Will your team lock down the high ground and control the perimeter by having the best overview of the location, or chase the opposing team down into the difficult inner parts of the Rudolfinium where no corner can be left unturned? We think this location will provide a lot of intense fighting from many angles.

Railway station

For the second map, we decided on the Railway station. After having monitored many matches and a lot of feedback on the final circle at this location, we saw that it has become a Bloodhunt classic. Here you have the rooftop, the middle segment with the cargo wagons and rails themselves, as well as an underground area. This certainly provides many opportunities to find unique tactics for your team to take advantage of.

In the Bloodhunt BR modes, the players usually face a smaller number of enemies to keep track of at once, which keeps the tempo at a slow pace. But with the teams in TDM, it provides an opportunity for a lot of chaotic fights from many unexpected angles. There is a lot of cover, and many places for an ambush so we think this classic end zone will become a classic TDM location as well!

Additionally, we have temporarily removed the Hotel map from the TDM rotation due to feedback about how one-sided it can become with one team in the middle, but we also saw traversal issues that we want to resolve before adding it back again in a future update.


After changing some of the core mechanics in the previous update, we got a lot of great feedback and data to further refine the gameplay experience. For example, we saw that the Sewer Bomb of the Saboteur became extremely powerful when you stacked them near one another. This got to the point where stacking three of these bombs in proximity could essentially immediately take someone from full armor to the downed state, which was a bit too much for what we had intended.

Additionally, we also wanted to further boost some of the Archetype powers to give them a bit of a further edge compared to the competition.

  • The Gold Pistol was a bit underwhelming for a golden weapon, and has had its damage and headshot damage increased. Additionally, it now belongs to the mid-range class in terms of range.
  • The Saboteur has been peaking in popularity as well as doing well performance-wise. As the Sewer Bomb gas now deals hefty damage filling its role for area denial, we saw that the instant damage needed a bit of a reduction. In effect, the explosion damage has been reduced by half.
  • The Prowler has been doing better lately but still needs a nudge to really be able to compete. Therefore, we decided to slightly increase the additional damage that the Scouting Famulus causes in its area of effect.
  • Warden’s Shackles now also disables climbing for a brief moment just after the shackles are broken. This should make the Warden more dangerous in certain situations and be better in its ability to keep enemies from running away.
  • The Enforcer Dash cooldown has been reduced to give it more of an edge and keep it in line with the other Archetypes.
  • Vandal’s max possible damage has been increased. This change should further incentivize using high ground to attack your enemies from above.

Overall, we think that the balance between the Archetypes now is in a better position, but we will continue to monitor your feedback for additional potential future tweaks.

Bug fixes and minor changes

  • We added the possibility to opt out from in-game medals in the gameplay general settings menu (it is enabled by default).
  • Bots will be less likely to loot police vans and ambulances if they already have the consumables that they contain.
  • The Social tab button for the gamepad has been moved from the Triangle-button to the D-pad right to avoid colliding with weapon swaps in the Gun Range.
  • We added DualSense vibration and adaptive triggers to a few weapons that did not have it previously.
  • The countdown SFX was not playing at certain locations in the Elysium, but will now be heard as intended.
  • Revenge medals will no longer reveal streamer mode-enabled player names.
  • Resolved an issue where the player was unable to pick up an artifact near the Shopping Arcade spawn location.
  • A floating safe has been told to stop breaking the laws of physics.
  • Levitating lanterns near Prince’s Haven now behave normally.
  • Resolved some issues with Japanese characters being truncated.
  • Ping tooltip texts “RESPAWN STATION” and “CANCEL” have been made more legible and no longer overlap.
  • A few props in Prague that used to refuse to load their textures will now load their textures properly after a stern talk.
  • Resolved an issue where the player character could be teleported into a random Elysium spawn point after getting stuck in mid-air in the arc in Omnis’ Hideout in the Elysium.
  • Resolved a clipping issue with the Artifact safe door.
  • Resolved multiple issues where characters entered an infinite climbing state when climbing between certain objects.
  • Resolved various bug fixes related to traversal in Prague.
  • Resolved a camera clipping issue in the Elysium.
  • Resolved multiple LOD-issues on multiple locations in Prague.

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