September Timed Content Releases for Bloodhunt

September Timed Content Releases for Bloodhunt

Hello, Bloodhunt Community, and welcome to a quick reveal of the upcoming Timed Releases that will come to the game already on Monday next week!

On that same day, we are excited to release the next Community Newsletter, which has some detailed information on changes coming with a back-end update that is planned for Tuesday, September 26 at 09:00 CEST / 12 AM, midnight PT.

But before then, we wanted to quickly share some information on the new Timed Content Releases coming on Monday.

The next unlocks

On Monday, September 25th, more timed releases will arrive in the shape of a new artifact, additional vanity items from past Battle Passes, and a new gold rarity weapon entering the rotation.

Let’s start by introducing the new artifact!

Crow Famulus

Appearing as a crow with scarlet glimmering feathers perched on a crooked branch, the Crow Famulus artifact noticeably enhances the mobility of the one carrying it to increased alacrity, allowing them to perform rapid maneuvers beyond their opponents' abilities. Jump into the blazing firefight with great haste, blasting away the Anarchs, and then be gone in a split second – the Crow Famulus provides you with an edge in speed, allowing you to move faster in and out of sticky situations where others cannot. Best of all? No side-effects!

Let’s move on to the new gold rarity weapon coming to Prague.

Gold Double Barrel Shotgun

On September 25, the Double Barrel shotgun becomes available in its resplendent gold rarity. This version of this remarkable firearm embodies the perfect fusion of power and speed. As a marvel of engineering, it boasts lightning-fast reload times, allowing you to stay in the heat of battle with unwavering confidence. Its expanded spread ensures that no adversary can escape the hailstorm of pellets it delivers, and with both barrels always firing in unison, it unleashes an astonishing double dose of firepower. In the hands of a skilled shooter, this golden marvel is the epitome of close-quarters dominance, rewriting the rules of engagement with every thunderous blast. But beware, you have to reload after every shot - so you may find yourself in grave peril without proper utilization!

17 new store unlocks

We are happy to reveal the monthly vanity unlocks that are coming to the in-game store this month! Seventeen items from past Battle Passes will be unlocked and available for token purchase. Find the full list below!

4 emotes: Cutthroat, Sneaky, Push Pull, Slipping

1 eyewear: Onyx Droplet

1 hairstyle: Low Pony

2 makeups: Ruby Brow, Smoky Teal

1 mask: Pallida Mors

5 outfits: The Four Hundred, Reprobate, Alabaster, Vapor Trail, Modest Day

1 piercing: Ruby Drop

2 tattoos: Intricate Statement, Wild Childe

Closing words

As mentioned, the next Community Newsletter is coming on Monday, with the latest news for and from the Bloodhunt Community. Additionally, we have a few exciting things coming in October, including a new Twitch Drops campaign, and some appropriate vanity for the store around Halloween.

For now, don’t miss out on this Saturday’s FUNament tournament hosted by Khalior, which will be broadcast live on – it’s also not too late to participate for a chance to win some exclusive outfits and vanity items. The stream starts at 20:00 CEST / 11 AM PT.

Until the next time, see you at dusk!


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