The Bloodhunt Community Newsletter #2

The Bloodhunt Community Newsletter #2

Hello again, Kindred, and welcome to our second newsletter. This edition focuses on the timed content releases and what you can expect from Bloodhunt this summer, including events, Twitch Drops, and more!

We will also share some details about the planned intense Trios tournament and other community efforts.

Let’s first dig into the things that will be coming your way at the end of July!

New timed content is incoming!

Our timed content releases continue, and on Monday, July 24th, we will add 21 vanity items from the past to the in-game store. Plus, a new artifact, a new weapon, a new gold weapon, as well as a new TDM map. Let’s go through everything!

Store additions

Once again, we have more vanity from past Battle Passes being added to the in-game store that you can purchase with in-game tokens. This time we have 5 outfits, 3 tattoos, 3 eyewear, 2 masks, 2 piercings, 2 emotes, and 4 makeups being added.

The list of items can be found below:


  • Time Traveller (Universal)
  • Anaerobic (Universal)
  • Illusive Heart (Universal)
  • Kindred Kingpin (Masculine body type)
  • Narcissus (Masculine body type)


  • Champion of War
  • Child of Enigma
  • Trulucent


  • Cycloid
  • Self Reflection
  • Polarizing


  • Censored Speech
  • Silvereye


  • Hermes (gold)
  • Silver Spikes


  • Shooting Hoops
  • Made you blink!


  • Highest Order
  • Graphic Garnet
  • Ocean Liner
  • Taste of Umbra

In addition to above mentioned store additions, we also have some more things coming your way. To start with, we’ll explain what the new artifact does.

New artifact: Eye of Thorns

Introducing the mystical Eye of Thorns, an awe-inspiring artifact set to make an impact in Bloodhunt. Its enigmatic power grants you an advantage intertwined with a perilous side-effect. As you carry this relic, you shall inflict unparalleled damage upon your foes. However, be forewarned, for every blow you deliver shall be met with reciprocating force, leaving you vulnerable to increased damage from all fronts. Brace yourself for the exhilarating dance between power and peril, as the Eye of Thorns beckons you into an extraordinary battle for supremacy!

New weapon: Grenade Launcher

Prepare to wield the awe-inspiring might of the Grenade Launcher, an elusive and formidable weapon of gold rarity. You will rarely find it in the vibrant streets of Prague, but when you do, you will discover a weapon that is a treasure beyond comparison, not entirely unlike its cousin, the Mini Gun.

With the Grenade Launcher, you are granted the power to unleash destruction with thunderous blasts, as its explosive projectiles soar through the air, detonating upon impact. With an area of effect blast radius, this weapon sends shivers down your spine and is a force to be reckoned with indeed. Its capacity to wreak havoc upon one or many targets within its fiery grasp makes it deadly on many accounts. Brace yourself for the symphony of chaos and devastation as the Grenade Launcher becomes your ticket to unleashing explosive power upon the unsuspecting rooftops around you. Be wary though, as there are only a total of eight rounds to fire, which cannot be replenished outside of finding a second weapon of the same kind.

Note: This weapon will be rotating alongside the Mini Gun, starting July 24.

New gold weapon: Dual Pistols

The golden variation of the Dual Pistols is coming to Prague. Just like the other golden counterparts, they come with a slew of almost supernatural advantages. With an increased ammunition capacity, this golden shimmering duo will make it feel like it’s raining bullets endlessly upon the unsuspecting foes that are unfortunate to step within their path. Furthermore, their slick design allows for faster weapon movement which grants you lightning-quick reload times and aiming.

Note: These will be available in-game on Monday the 24th of July.

New TDM map: Library

Prepare for an adrenaline-fueled showdown as the highly anticipated new TDM location, the Library, emerges on that same Monday.

Transport yourself to the southwest of old Prague, where the courtyards and streets surrounding the majestic Library become your battleground. With rooftops lining the edges, the stage is set for an exhilarating dance of strategy and skill. Ascend to the higher ground and seize the advantage, for there lie countless opportunities to rain chaos upon your foes. But beware, as the ground level conceals treacherous perils for those who roam aimlessly. Brace yourself for pulse-pounding encounters on multiple levels, as this legendary map promises to deliver a timeless TDM experience within the haunting world of Bloodhunt. Get ready to carve your name into the annals of glory as you step foot into the Library, where epic battles and unforgettable moments await!

Note: This location will be available in-game on Monday the 24th of July.

Community events

During the past two weekends, we had the third installment of the Community FUNament, as well as the latest Bloodhunt for Charity tournament.

Both had amazing participation, filling up all the available slots completely. And the donation goals for the charity collection were met. We are extremely grateful to LauraK and Fahrenheit for planning and making sure that these tournaments take place.

The FUNaments are created to be competitive and are open for anyone to sign up. Signing up and participating is easy! When a new tournament is announced, there will be a sign-up form in the #community-events channel on the official Bloodhunt Discord server.

Fill in the form and follow the instructions on how to participate to get a chance to win! There will likely be a new event in September, so keep your eyes open for the announcement!

Additionally, there have been multiple other opportunities to win in-game vanity, as well as avatars and banners by participating in puzzles and challenges created by Mera’din and Khalior. These are great opportunities to win some in-game stuff for those who are up for the challenge.

There’s also another competitive Trios Tournament planned for the very end of August. This one will take place on a private server and will see the return of some special rewards for the winners. We expect to see some legends return to claim the prizes. We are certainly looking forward to that!

Again, to make sure you don’t miss out on these opportunities, make sure to visit our official Bloodhunt Discord server and check out the #community-events channel.

Summer vacation

Thank you for reading this second newsletter! The next one is planned for September, as some of us now head out for summer vacations.

But don’t worry, the timed content releases and reveals will continue to be shared on our Twitter, and our other channels. So do keep an eye out for them there.

Additionally, expect to find a few new lore-related videos on our TikTok and Instagram accounts. We received some lore-related questions via the community’s own lore master, Mera’din, and as promised in a past learnings article, we want to provide some answers that many are curious about. So, make sure to follow those channels, and keep your eyes peeled!

Furthermore, expect all future Twitch Drops, starting on Friday the 21st of July to be available for everyone streaming Bloodhunt, until the beginning of September!

Until then, we wish you all a happy summer, and as always...

See you at dusk,


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