The Bloodhunt Community Newsletter #1

The Bloodhunt Community Newsletter #1

Hello, Kindred, and welcome to this first issue of our newsletter that we will share with you occasionally to keep you up to date on all things related to Bloodhunt.

In this first issue, we will cover which TDM maps, weapons, and vanity items are being added to the game and when; as well as some information on what community events are up and coming. We will also cover the results of the recent, second Community Fun Tournament that was run on June 10th.

Additionally, you will be able to catch a glimpse into what future Twitch Drops will be released this summer.

But first, please let us talk a little bit about what has happened behind the scenes since we launched the final update of the game.

We <3 our community

Our commitment to supporting our Bloodhunt community remains. We continue swinging the ban-katana, helping our players through our support system, and continue with giveaways and Twitch drops for our community.

Bloodhunt continues to be an enjoyable experience with new variety provided by the community voting and timed releases.

We hope to continue seeing you in Prague!

Timed release additions to Bloodhunt

On Monday, June 26th (CEST), we’re adding 23 vanity items from the past to the in-game store as well as two new weapons to the rotation in Prague, and two new TDM locations. Additionally, we have a new list of 12 upcoming Twitch Drops that will be available for the top 100 streamers with the most stream- and watch hours. Anyone watching those streams will be able to grab exclusive in-game vanity.

But let’s first dig into what’s being added to the in-game store.

Store additions

Some popular favorites from past Battle Passes will be making an appearance in the store, including the fan-favorite X-radiant, which is one of the most requested outfits from the community. Find the full list of the items making a comeback below.


  • Serve, Flex – Masculine body type
  • Eulalie – Feminine body type
  • Desert Rose – Feminine body type, Toreador
  • X-radiant – Universal
  • Electric Daisy Carnivore – Feminine body type


  • Pierced Heart
  • Shattered Heart
  • Throatback
  • Alpha


  • Clean Sweep
  • Most Muscular
  • Skip
  • Funky Walk


  • Crimson Combattant
  • Laser Rays
  • Ritual


  • Dual Braids


  • Maverick
  • Introspective


  • Homeric Nod
  • Leather Facade


  • Cerulean Spiral
  • No Man's Land (gold)

New weapons are being added to Bloodhunt

As was indicated earlier, two new weapons will be added to Bloodhunt on June 26th and will then be available immediately in Prague.

These weapons are the Greatsword and the Flare Gun. Let us speak a little about each, starting with the Greatsword.

The Greatsword

A titan among melee weapons, the Greatsword’s unwieldy bulk bespeaks unimaginable power tempered by its slow swings. This melee weapon of golden rarity (and therefore only available in very limited supply) radiates in blessed glory and was originally dispatched to Prague with the intent of serving the Entity's foot soldiers.

It is a monumental, tall blade, truly terrifying in its form, and can be borne by one lone hand, yet demands the symphony of a dual-handed swing. This makes it the melee weapon with the most devastating one-hit damage, albeit the required effort and time to attack again make the wielder vulnerable between one lunge to another.

Each forceful arc rends flesh and imparts grievous harm upon any hapless adversary who dares traverse its path. The imposing weapon also conceals another facet of its menace. A mysterious substance coats its gleaming surface, imbuing it with a fiery holy sting. With this sacral infusion, the Greatsword becomes anathema to the Kindred, who, despite their resilience, succumb to its lethal fiery burst.

Fully capable of cutting through multiple foes in one go, this instrument of destruction will strike fear into even the most resilient of foes. So, you may feel confident when pouncing on a group of Anarchs, as long as you time your swings well – as without proper timing, you will be downed before you’ve even thought about unleashing a second swing.

The Flare Gun

An unseeming plastic device with a very simple manual mechanism might seem harmless at first glance, but the Flare Gun can be quite intimidating, for Kindred especially.

Each flare was initially designed for signaling purposes. It fires over long distances, burning and radiating as it swiftly ascends. The projectile flare illuminates any location it approaches.

Should it instead strike an undead target, however, it will quite quickly scorch clothes and sear skin, turning flesh into ash over time.

A vampire struck by this seemingly never-ending burning will wish it to be soon over but will for many moments become a living flame revealing an aroma best unexperienced as it will be nigh impossible to shake.

Aiming and hitting a moving target is quite difficult though and will require some precision and understanding of how quickly the projectile falls down in an arc. But with prowess, this might become one of the more fun weapons to light up the nights in Prague!

TDM maps

Two new TDM maps will be available for play on June 26th, the Rooftop Restaurant and Red Light District.

These locations are familiar and often contested zones that we know would make for intense and exciting battle locations for Team Deathmatch, not to mention something new to experience in the game!

The summer Twitch Drops campaign

A great way of receiving more vanity items to clothe your Kindred in the latest fashion is by tuning in to our community’s fantastic Bloodhunt streams on Twitch!

Not only do we offer three different Drops each month, available for all our talented broadcasters and their viewers in the Bloodhunt category, but we also offer exclusive weekly drops available for our top 100 streamers. All these 100 channels will offer a new exclusive vanity item each week to their viewers across the summer, starting June 23.

For more information on how to participate and to see the Drops, please check out our updated Twitch Drops website, available here.

There are more things on offer for the community than Twitch Drops. The competitive scene in Bloodhunt continues in July with two tournaments that we will support with prizes and a private server. Also, there are additional community-run efforts and contests going on – So let's see what's coming up.

Community Run Tournaments

We are delighted to have seen and supported four community tournaments run, hosted, and broadcast on Twitch in May and June, all with great participation from the competitive subcommunities.

In the most recent tournament on June 10, 21 Duo-teams had a fierce battle, competing for in-game vanity items, Bloodhunt tokens and of course, for the sheer prestige of being the best, but in the end, Neevee and Dubfreak reigned supreme.

These efforts continue, as on July 1st there’s a scheduled Solo tournament planned by “Fahr_Avayana”. We are happy to see how passionate our community is, and we are humbled by all the efforts made by Fahr and her team. The past three events have had amazing participation, we truly appreciate all this effort. We are equally glad to see them broadcast on the official Bloodhunt Twitch channel. Make sure to follow that so you won’t miss out on any of the future competitions.

Additionally, LauraK483 from Team Sidequest has another Bloodhunt Duos charity tournament scheduled for July 8.

We will continue to support activities by offering prizes for planned events, so do not hesitate to reach out to the community team on Discord with your ideas in the #community-events channel at

Final words

Thank you for reading this first community newsletter. We will continue to keep you informed about what happens in the game with this new format.

We are happy to see all the continued positivity and engagement from our players playing and participating in community voting, streaming, hosting, and competing in events, as well as many other activities.

With that said, we wish you all a great summer, and good hunting in Prague.

Until next time, see you at dusk!


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