The Bloodhunt Community Newsletter #3

The Bloodhunt Community Newsletter #3

Hello Kindred, and welcome to the third edition of our Community Newsletter.

We hope you all had a wonderful summer, and that the approaching autumn treats you kindly.

We are happy to see that the Bloodhunt community is doing well, not only have so many of you kept playing, but many also participated in all the different contests and tournaments hosted by the community! A big thanks to you all!

We will continue to support these events and the community and have some additions to Bloodhunt to reveal today, so please keep reading to learn about these!

The Infinite Battle Pass

We have some good news for all those of you who completed the Primus Pass. We will soon introduce an additional way of earning tokens by extending the permanent Primus Pass through adding an infinite number of additional levels, hence the name, the Infinite Battle Pass!

This feature in practice means that you can progress beyond the end of the current 100-tier Primus Pass, from tier 100 to infinity. For each level that you complete beyond 100, you gain 100 tokens that you can use for in-game store purchases.

Also, something we have been looking into is the Founder's Ultimate Edition for PS5, which includes vanity from an earlier season as well as a few exclusive rewards. We've since decided to remove this from the store, as it made little sense to keep it at this point. You will still be able to obtain most of your favorites from that collection through the in-game store. Founder's Ultimate Edition will be removed on September 26. If you already purchased this edition before its removal, you will of course still have everything that is included.

Additionally, as we mentioned in May, we had considerations about turning off real currency purchasing on September 26. However, because of our community's continued support through token purchases, Bloodhunt's servers can continue to operate, therefore we have decided to postpone this plan. We, however, still wanted to offer our players the opportunity to get tokens by also playing the game normally, so now both these options are available.

The bottom line here is that from September 26 and onwards you will be able to get tokens both by playing the game normally as well as from in-game purchases.

We will continue to rotate the in-game store with items that have been previously available so that you can fill up your Vampire wardrobe with new outfits and vanity items, which with the Infinite Battle Pass we hope you'll have plenty to go around.

Additionally, we have some more things happening in Bloodhunt, so let's talk about those as well, starting with pending changes to one of our game modes.

Team Deathmatch

Since May, we have released 6 maps for TDM: the optimized Sky bar, the Graveyard, Asylum, Red Light District, Rooftop Restaurant, The Library, and recently the Memorial Park map. All of these have been welcome additions judging by the feedback from many players after each map release.

However, as the recent feedback from the community along with our data, it's clear that the existing waiting times in the queue for this game mode required us to make some changes to make it more viable for our players.

We will solve this and shorten the queues by reenabling bots in this game mode. That way, we can guarantee that a match starts within an acceptable time limit and ensure that you can play TDM at any time of the day, regardless of region. We also feel that with the adjustments we made during the spring to the in-game bots, they will perform better in Team Deathmatch, which should help make it more viable for our players.

We plan on reenabling bots on September 26, alongside the aforementioned addition of the Infinite Battle Pass.

October Twitch Drops

On September 29, our Twitch Drops campaign for October will be revealed at – it will feature a few never-before-seen retextured outfits as well as some favorite vanity drops from the past! Make sure to keep an eye out on that page to see what will become available to you by just watching your favorite Bloodhunt streamers on Twitch.

If you are a streamer and want to have these drops on your stream, you will need to actively play and stream Bloodhunt on Twitch. The list is updated on the last Thursday of each month, and the top 100 streamers who actively played and streamed the most hours each month will have drops on their channel for the next coming month.

Community events and tournaments

When we said that the community is well, we meant it! During the summer, we saw a competitive Trios Tournament run by the Sanguine Bloodhunt Society (SBS for short) hosted by Ramz on a private Bloodhunt server, which saw several players coming back to compete over some never-before-seen vanity.

These lucrative vanity items included gold, silver as well as bronze banners and avatars on top of some previously unreleased masks.

The top three winning teams in the latest tournament each managed to snag one of the three different masks.

Do you think you have what it takes to compete in one of these tournaments? If so, keep an eye on the official Bloodhunt Discord in the community events channel for an announcement for the next October Trios Tournament where these prizes will be up for grabs once again!

Special thanks go out to everyone who planned, ran, spectated, and participated in this event – we were thrilled to watch, and cannot wait to watch the next one in October!

Sign up for the FUNaments!

The FUNament is another community-run, less competitive cousin of the aforementioned tournament format. Here anyone, regardless of skill is invited to participate. The main objective is in the name, to have fun with a chance to win some prizes.

The last one took place this weekend, our congratulations to the winners! The next one is being planned already and will be announced on the official Bloodhunt Discord. Do not hesitate to participate in future tournaments, have fun together and meet new friends!

For more information on what events are coming and how to participate, check out our Discord server. Join in on the fun today to enhance your Bloodhunt experience!

In conclusion...

We're happy to see how active the community is and that many are enjoying their time in Bloodhunt! We are always excited to see your ideas and plans, and love to help supporting your efforts. Reach out to our community team on the official Bloodhunt Discord if you have ideas for your own community run events or tournaments!

Until next time,

See you at dusk,