Spring Update Learnings Article

Spring Update Learnings Article

Hello, Bloodhunt Community. As previously mentioned, we are moving into a new phase of Bloodhunt and we want to explain what that means in a bit more detail.

In classic Bloodhunt fashion, we also want to dig into the feedback that we got from you in our latest community survey.

The overall community response to the Spring Update was incredibly positive. Many of you noticed server performance getting better, and several of you also appreciated the reduction in the amount of aim assist that we implemented based on the community feedback.

Additionally, many appreciated that we have added some of the past Battle Pass items into the store. And there was a strong positive response from many about the fact that we will continue to do so at the end of every month.

The focus of our next update is on features that will help keep the game interesting and ensure that you will be able to have fresh experiences during this new phase of Bloodhunt.

With that said, let us look at some of the things that we have been working on!

Community Vote

The next update is called ‘The Community Update’ because it puts the vote in your hands and allows you all to influence what is going on in Bloodhunt in the future.

The implementation of this feature is based on popular feedback from many members of the community wanting to have more input on choices in the game.

This new feature will be made available both in the main menu in the game, as well as the pop-up screen that appears when you launch Bloodhunt.

You will be able to cast your vote every week to influence decisions on which golden weapons that can be found in Prague, which TDM maps you will be playing, and what Artifacts you can choose from.

Each vote cast by our players will then affect the content rotations in the game.

The voting will be open for a week after which it will be automatically locked in, and the changes go live. Everyone will then be able to see how many votes were put on each option that was available for choosing.

More details about how this works in practice will be included in the upcoming patch notes that arrive on Monday the 29th of May. We believe that this feature will provide some of the dynamics that many of you were asking for in the game and ensures that Bloodhunt can stay fresh for a long time coming.

We have spent quite some effort into making Bloodhunt run by the community going forward, and we hope that you will enjoy coming back time and time again to cast your vote.

Timed content releases

In the final planned patch of Bloodhunt, we will expand upon our timed content releases. This is a feature that now not only will continue to publish vanity content into the store from past battle passes but that now also will add additional content to the game.

We have prepared 4 new weapons, 6 new TDM maps, and 4 new Artifacts that all will be spread out over the coming months and that will become part of the community vote.

So, in addition to new items coming, we will continue to add past vanity favorites. These vanity items will be coming back to the store every month.

But we also have some brand-new vanity to look forward to that will be released on our community platforms and social media! Including some new outfits that will be included in future Twitch Drops and community giveaways.

We hope that this will keep Bloodhunt interesting for as many of our players as possible.

Additional server performance optimization

As we mentioned earlier, the Bloodhunt servers will keep running as long as we have an active community, and we will continue supporting community activities to keep things interesting. To ensure that the servers perform smoothly we have already made several changes to optimize the server performance with the Spring update. However, it was noticeable that we still had a bit of work to do based on the feedback from some of you.

We have since resolved a bug that was causing unwanted player positional rollbacks and noticed a significant decrease in negative feedback on the subject. Overall, servers now perform better than previously.

Besides this, there have been some talks in our community about long-term goals and more things to grind in Bloodhunt, let’s talk a little about that.

Mastery challenges

A common survey feedback that has kept popping up comes from many of our veteran players who long for more difficult challenges to work toward.

We have listened to this feedback, and as of the next update, you will see a new list of mastery challenges with exclusive vanity rewards. These will put your skills to the test, and they will not be taking old progress into account, which means that having already done the requirements in the past will not unlock the reward.

There are no time limits to the rewards, so you will be able to complete them at any time. We have made sure to make some of the challenges for specific clans, with clan-specific outfits as rewards. For example, for Toreador, you will be able to unlock Maia’s outfit.

Bloodhunt is the community

We hope to see you continue playing the game, as well as hosting and participating in player-created tournaments. We are curious about what you will vote for in the weekly community vote and will be watching with excitement of how you will be playing Bloodhunt with this feature moving forward.

We will also support as many of your efforts as we can with our community and support team that will stay with Bloodhunt. If you want to keep an eye on what is going on and to participate in these efforts, we encourage you to join the official Bloodhunt Discord server and the Inner Circle channel there, as well as monitor the community events channel – wonderful things are going on there right now!

We will also continue to write articles and post information on our social media accounts to help everyone stay up to date with the latest information about what is going on in the Bloodhunt community.

Expect another Bloodhunt survey to be released sometime after the last update where you can share your thoughts about the game.

Until then, see you at dusk!


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