Join the Bloodhunt Inner Circle

Are you a positive presence in the Bloodhunt community, someone that fosters a welcoming, inclusive environment for new and returning players? Do you make entertaining and informative content? If yes, then we want you to apply for our Content creator program, the Bloodhunt Inner Circle.

What is the Bloodhunt Inner Circle Program?

The Bloodhunt Inner Circle program provides ongoing opportunities for content creators to engage their community through creating Bloodhunt content.

By completing sponsored Challenges, creators will be able to earn rewards on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Earnable rewards can be either in-game products, exclusive content, or giveaway items for your community. Other support opportunities include being invited to the Bloodhunt stream team on Twitch, getting the creator role on Discord, considered Twitch drops, and a lot more!

Check out the program requirements below to see if you qualify to apply. Join the hunt today and be a part of our community!


You have shown dedication

You created something for us



Average viewers on stream last 30 days.

Bloodhunt exclusive Content Creator

Majority of your content is Bloodhunt related



Average viewers for Streamers


10 000+

Social Media Followers (with engagements)

Your audience already exists, we want to work together to benefit each other.


1 000+

Average viewers for Streamers


100 000+

Social Media Followers (with engagements)

You are well established. You give us visibility, we reward your contribution.

or contact us on Discord, Twitter or

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What is the Bloodhunt Inner Circle?

The Bloodhunt Inner Circle is our Content Creator program, a way for us to connect and reward our most dedicated players who create and share Bloodhunt content.

How do I register?

You can claim the role in our Discord by going to the #role-assignment channel, and click on the emoji under the Inner Circle art. If you're not a member in our Discord, go here:

Where do I find the Bloodhunt Inner Circle?

Our members will be having the role “Inner Circle” on our Discord, and be using #BHinnercircle on social media. Some of streamers can be found here : If you want to become a part of the Inner Circle, you will find the first step of the journey on our Discord server, and by going to the #role-assignment channel and click on the emoji under the Inner Circle art.

Are there requirements to join the program?
  • Be an active and positive presence in the Bloodhunt community. You are someone who fosters a welcoming, inclusive environment for new or returning players.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to diversity, professionalism, and camaraderie.
  • Follow the Bloodhunt Inner Circle Terms and Conditions, Code of Conduct, and Fan Content Policy. You will not promote or encourage violations of these policies at any time.
  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Have a minimum of 100 followers or subscribers on Twitch, Facebook Gaming, or YouTube, and produce engaging Bloodhunt content.
  • Have a minimum of average 20 ccv on live videos or an avg
  • Stream 8 hours or produce 3 videos of high-quality Bloodhunt content within any given 30-day period.
  • Use the hashtags #bloodhunt #BHinnercircle when posting Bloodhunt content.
  • * Meeting the above requirements does not guarantee admittance into the Bloodhunt Inner Circle program.
What do I get for joining?

Depending on the tier you get into, you will have access to different perks: Discord server role, Twitch stream team invite, in-game items, physical items and much more.

How do I properly disclose that I am in the program?

When you are in the Bloodhunt Inner Circle and post content you can add the tag #BloodhuntPartner.
If you are doing a challenge in the content do not forget to add #Sponsored #Ad.

What is a Bloodhunt challenge?

In our Bloodhunt Inner Circle program, there is a challenge system where you get rewards for doing a specific task. Challenges will be different from week to week. All challenges are based on streaming our game, an example challenge is to stream Bloodhunt for 10 hours and play as Ventrue at least once

What if I don’t have any channels to link?

If you do not currently have any channels, then you can easily create one at Twitch or Youtube and then link it. We at Sharkmob want to as inclusive as possible therefore we created a low tier rank where everyone can join.

How / when do I get in-game rewards?

The time will be different from season to season, since certain in-game events and similar things will affect when items go live. When you are in the program, you will have access to the #reward channel on Discord, where more information will be given out.

How do I leave the CCP?

For the first tier, you can leave by just asking a mod on Discord to remove your role. For second tier and above, you can leave the stream team at your dashboard/channel/featured content tab, and leave the reward system through the settings in the StreamElements dashboard.


Join the hunt

Join the Bloodhunt

Persistent internet connection, Sharkmob, Playstation and Steam accounts are required. Age restrictions apply. Includes in-game purchases.